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n00b with a view


Hi All,


Been playing COD MW series since MW1, but never bothered with multiplayer until MW3.


Overall - I love it.


I suck, but I still love it.


I get owned alot, by k/d is 1/2 (pretty sucky - but improving).


I've only really been playing FFA as I thought this the best place to sharpen up my multiplayer skills and reflexes. Anyway, progressing steadily enough after 24 hours of online play I'm at level 66.


Got a couple of questions though...


Campers (not one myself) - why are they hated so much in FFA?


And the FMG9 akimbo (or any Machinepistol akimbo) - this seems to attract alot of hatred too - I can see why new players may use it - I've used akimbo with an MP9 (but only to get the weapon challenge completed), I am confused as to why level 80 players are still using akimbo - seems a bit narrow in vision as there are so many weapons to explore and level up.


That's what I am doing, working my way through the weapons and levelling them up - I'm not too bothered about my k/d ratio, or winning games (though it's nice to win) - I prefer to explore all that the game has to offer, and it's really satisfying to blow away a FMG9 akimbo player with a crap shotgun.


I also like to keep the skies clear with my trusty stinger - though I tend to get fragged alot while scanning the clouds for the UAV that's just been spotted.


Anyway, kill you soon, have fun.

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    wierd worlds are these

    I hate the Akimbo Machine Pistol's simply because they almost out gun anything, and everyone seem's to use it because they know it's easier to use than other guns.


    I am currently working my way through the Assault Rifles and SMG's trying to complete each challenge for each one and the next lot of gun's is the Snipers.


    I play for fun and am not really interested in my KDR but I like to try and keep it positive atleast.


    Good to see you enjoying it though.



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      Using akimbo because it's easier doesn't make sense to me. It's just earning points for the sake of it, and missing out on everything else.


      Surely it's far more satisfying to use a more difficult weapon effectively?

      I think it is.


      Now I may get some comments about only saying that because I suck

      Well, yes, at the moment I do suck badly in terms of k/d and game results (but they are improving) - but I never get called names for camping or being an akimbo '***' - lol.


      Anyway, will be getting into TDM and the other game types now that my recent k/d is avereaging 2/1 rather than the 1/20 I was getting when I first started playing.


      Nice to see someone else exploring the weapons in the game

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    It really depends on what game mode you are playing;  even what map,

    and play style, you prefer.

    I Don't play ffa haven't since 2003; when i stared playing sd, and hq.

    now i plat ctf.

    but each of those as well as the rest; are played with different styles, and it's best to have several kits to choose from, depending on what game, and even what side you are on, as well as what "position" you play.

    I'll use SD as the example because each round each team play the opposite mode.

    one round you are defending, the next you are attacking.

    (i actually switch kits between each round) back in the day things where alot simpler (fewer options, but the theory is the same) defending i would want a ranged weapon CAR, M1grand, my personal favorite MP44, or a BAR.

    on the other hand if we where on offence i would go with something lighter and fully auto; mp40, Thomson, phss..etc

    CTF is a little different each team should have offence, defense, as well as suppressing fire.

    the akimbo debate to me is a joke; if you where playing ffa why wouldn't you use it?

    but it's really not good for anything else (IMO) however i have seen people use them as well as shoties to run flags i just don't recoment it.

    even running flags in ctf i find the pp90 to be much better protection (incase where a little rage would come in handy) all smg's are just pissers as far as i'm concerned (piss lead at a high rate of fire; but they are light ) and if the situation calls for that; then you would be foolish not to use it as well. i personally don't use kimbo because i tend to want to ADS (ain down sites), and they're pretty easy to beat when you're playing an objective based game, where running around shooting everything that moves will get you killed by the ...oh nooos big bad DEFENDERS AKA "campers"

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    me myself use the akimbo to level quicker i prestieged for the first time ever and was like wtf is the point in doing it again? :/ so gonna level to 80 and get the emblems and badges and complete the challenges instead of going through it all over and over again.

    anyway I played this game since VCoD went competitive on CoD2 and Mw1 sadly seems mw2 and 3 aren't exactly built for competitive gaming as well as its predicessors. although my friends abandoned the series at the begining of mw2 i still played alittle and once i get back to my pc and good internet will be searching for a competitive team in the game.

    back to the mw3 mp lack of modding tools isn't good, but the play itself is ok, and all the kill streak rewards are fun for pub but comp not so cool. i don't think it'll get any scene comp coverage from the pc though they all stick to MW1 which was the last good comp for CoD.


    anyway thats why i've used the akimbo just to level and gave my opinion of the game.

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    Answer is very simple. Campers are hated because they're one of many hazards. Maybe you'll wander into their waiting sights and maybe you won't. Comes down to dumb luck to decide who comes out on top in these surprise encounters. Many players just can't stand that dumb luck so often trumps skill in the recent COD gameplay.


    Hatred directed towards akimbo use isn't terribly different. Spraying with an akimbo is completely mindless, yet it still delivers results. In many cases better results than you would get than if you had tried to be deliberate and precise. The hit detection and lag compensation flaws may have more to do with this than the design of the weapons themselves, but at any rate no one likes to be killed by a moron who does nothing but spray.

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    Stormproot, To be honest, I wish more of the players in MW3 were like you. It sounds like you are getting out what you put into the game and you are having a blast doing so. While I partly agree that it is frustrating to get killed over and over again by someone who seems to be using the weapons just because they are overpowered and is not really playing the game for all it has to offer as you have suggested, most people have a difficult time remembering its only a game. There are good days and bad days while on MW3 but if one lobby is crap just move to the next. I'm glad you have enjoyed the game and I hope that you continue to have this positive outlook as you continue on your endeavors in gaming both with the Call of Duty series and otherwise. Have Fun!

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    Nice to see that people like you play the game for fun and dont stress out over K/D and Win/Loss. That positive attitude is really what a lot of COD players need to learn.


    On the topic of Akimbo Machine Pistols, players use them to rack up massive killstreaks. I mean with FMGs, you hold down M1 + M2 and move your crosshairs a bit. They do up to 3-4x the damage when hipfired when compared to the CM901 or AK47. That's pretty damn good for weapons unlocked at level 5.


    Hopefully you enjoy your gaming experience and I hope I can see you in a pub some day.


    Pro tip: Try to avoid Search and Destroy. That's where most of the angry and "Far Superior" players go. They'll grind on you for any small thing that you might do wrong.

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      Gtfomybmw wrote:



      Pro tip: Try to avoid Search and Destroy. That's where most of the angry and "Far Superior" players go. They'll grind on you for any small thing that you might do wrong.


      Its best to ignore them. Keep playing S&D its one of the best gametypes in the game. especially for scrims. These "far superior" players in a S&D lobbies are normally kids with big ego's actual serious players would stay away from PUB S&D since ESL rules servers are pretty common and not hard to populate if empty. The only problem is that its hard to switch lobbies as theres normally not very many games being played at one time. especially ones in your reason.

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    More hackers in S&D and TDM, because that is where their hacks have the most advantage. Domination has them too, but you can win with good play and strategy, so they don't frequent that as often. The FMG9 akimbo was supposed to be nurfed, but that was just another lie. instead they made shotguns practically useless. Get with a good group of players, you can learn more and win more. Oh, play conservatively and camp all you want man. There's nothing at all wrong with that. That is what you do in war if you have any sense:)

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    hey dude if your on xbox hit me up ill play with you sometime you'll always get higher kills and better wins if your in a game talking to someone and sharing tactics keep the good work up and you'll become a beast also i may add doing challanges is the best thing to do to level up so really you aint a noob your average gamer but with a good mind