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Clan N recruiting (EU based/PS3)

I am looking to build a community up on PS3.


I don't mind your KDR at all, as I myself don't really pay attention to it.


Would prefer English speakers purely on a communications basis as I cannot speak other languages.


I don't expect you to be premium or a founder (although a founder bonus would be a lovely surprise).


Would be nice if we could all actually play some matches together, but i don't mind if you're just here for the ride/possible bonuses.



This is not the first clan I've ever lead, I started one on steam before and had a community going of over 100 good members.


Hoping to have that success again :).



Thank you for reading feel free to ask questions. If you'd like to join just post your psn and i'll invite you.


My psn is Jhacke if anyones interested in a game :)




PS the clan is called N as in the letter :).