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  • 10. Re: I've seen more Spine in Snails: Un covering hiding spots.

    I've seen them in random corners round the map, usually where they spawn. It's quite funny after the match and I go into theatre mode to see if they actually move and as soon as they spawn they crouch, set up a bouncing betty and just sit there.


    Best method is to chuck a couple flashbangs and a semtex to flush them out. Nothing better then blinding them to show them who's boss. I'll make it my goal to kill them over and over until they get the message.


    I don't mind if it's a new player and they obviously haven't had time to improve, it's probably better they stay out of the heated battles because they will get slaughtered. It's the higher ranked players that annoy me. It's a cheap way to play the game and in real life they must be very boring people if they find it fun to hide in a corner the whole game.


    So grow a pair, forget about your precious K/D and play the game how it's supposed to be played, fast pace face to face gun play.

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    Yes, but tell all where are these spots, lets un-cover them! Unfortunately its only though experience we can share them,

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    It would taking him 50 years to rank up,on  the second year he would be complaining about campers just like u! Don't need skills on this game if u hide,camp,run,jump,breathe on MW3 I will find u,and I will tea bag u happily

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    The problem is the people who hide don't generally go back to the same spot. They'll just hide in literally any corner they can find.


    It can be on the outskirts of a map or in the middle of one, the only time you'll find where they are hiding is when they shoot you in the back like a coward.

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    Izjar11 wrote:


    to: atiredoldguy

    I have no grievance against invertebrates, that is there's and your preference. I wont argue your style, its pointless, now I am very carefull, I hate dying, but I do not sit in a corner and wait as a coward would do, and if you think that behaving like a coward is normal in a video game that much must be said about your actual persona. Have you never heard, Fear has nothing to do with cowardice. A fellow is only yellow when he lets his fear make him quit.

    lolzzzzz ........ finish reading my post.


    I dont know anyone who has quit so far, but I've heard a lot of people say they arent buying another cod because of people camping. I have never heard a camper come in here and cry about runners, but runners do it about campers all the time.


    I'm sure you are quite the brave one, and wont question that ........ but let me ask you this:


    Why do you run away after you kill someone?

    The argument easily goes both ways.

    Are you afraid to stay put because the enemy will know where you will be? Do you run because the guy you just killed may come back for revenge?


       When you pop the disc in the tray, and start the game, the very first line spoken is : "all warfare is based on deception"

       Some use running as a form of deception ..... the element of suprise is indeed just that, and that is the most important part of running.

       Campers use cover and limited movement as their element of surpise and deception.


    Their is no difference really as far as use of deception. The one big difference is that when a camper kills me, I can usually count on him to have the balls to be there when I come back for him..

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    Camping Owns Dude !! Suck it up buttercup !!

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    Camping in general doesn't bother me, it's the spawn campers that piss me off.  I decided to play a few hours of FFA this weekend and had a lot of fun but there were half a dozen matches where high prestige players would spawn camp the whole match.  On dome there is a spawn point that I'm not even going to mention that you can stand there the whole match and kill people as they spawn over and over again.  Well this high prestige guy was standing there the whole match except the times I killed him getting easy kills.  Luckily I was using my riot shield and was able to block his shots as soon as I spawned.  I reported him for using an exploit so hopefully he gets reset or banned.  Of course he laughed about it.  This is what ruins the gaming experience for all of us who play these games to have fun.

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    It would be nice if IW would include a flare that one could toss on a campers position, warning the rest of ones teams of this worms location. Just a thought:)

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       I know the spot .... and while I highly endorse camping, these guys annoy me. I generally head straight for that spot if I spawn anywhere close. I can always count on a kill on the guy peeking over the edge at the spawn corner. Then leave a betty or claymore and be on my way.


       I dont think its a bannable offense, but that one spot in particular is about as low as it gets. .

       Oh ......... and I usually run a class with dmh on it when playing ffa on dome. Spawn kill me over and over and sooner or later you'll get what you deserve.

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    Good posts. I do think that some do it bcause they are new and lack skill and knowledge. But I also think it takes a TON of skill to actually hold one spot.  That's exactly why I kill two/three then move... to deceive when they come back.


    As far as actual spots, I can think of one. The upstairs room in bootleg. Usually I'll have to die once to make him, but after that the corners are fairly easy to check from either of the two entrances.


    Another spot is by the hummers in dome. You can run up though the bunker out the more open entrance, or get up on the dome catwalk and hit him.


    On the snipers rock in village. You can shoot him from the river, there is a spot where the "wall" breaks and u can look up and see him. Also from the well or cave entrance he is an easy target.


    Every "spot" has several ways to get them. Some only have two, but those are usually rooms and a flash bang should suffice. Also I have found impact can shoot through some pretty ridiculous stuff you wouldn't expect. And I've been shot through some pretty thick cover, hiding in a corner lol.


    But what can u really do? I routinely make camping spots no matter where I am. This game has cover everywhere. And you usually wont know unless you see them run there, or you get killed by them.

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