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Perk DLC

I really feel like there should be more perks and the perks that are in game i feel like there not as good as previous COD Perks..


These are the perks i think should be in game..


Marathon - Get over obstacles faster

Marathon Pro - Unlimited sprint


Scavenger - Collect ammo from dead enemies

Scavenger Pro - Collect lethal and tactical supplies from dead enemies


(Dont be hating on commando unlike camping noobtubers with commando you have to be closer than across the map to get a kill)


Commando - Increase melee distance

Commando Pro - Take no damage from falling


One Man Army - Change your class at any given time during a match

One Man Army Pro - Switch out classes even faster


Let me know what you think and feel about these perks and the perks that are already in the game and how they could be better..

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    Scavenger and marathon pro should be in here again. no oneman army will just bring back tubes. and commando was just plain stupid.

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      yeah i dont like the fact that they got rid of marathon and scavenger isnt the same as before which sucks i dont understand why we can only pick up ammo and nothing else.. true oma would be a plus for noobtubers.. which i cant stand the only time i used the noobtube was for title purposes.. commando might be stupid to u but the heartbeat sensor is stupid to me seing how it doesnt even exist..

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    Commando: Faster health regeneration

    Commando Pro: Higher mobility

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    Better tell volvo that their real life equipment does not exist lol




    And nice job on copy and paste on those perks. There fine how they are just adapt and over come.

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      lol wow dude you went through all that trouble to prove me wrong to bad a Volvo cant be attached to my gun.. my point was theres no such thing as a military heartbeat sensor that you see in game..

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    You or whoever origianlly posted this can't be serious.