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I'm Looking For A Clan To Join (PS3)/(Not A Founder)

I'm just looking for a solid clan to game with. I have not prestiged, YET. I am at lvl. 80, but I want to keep my gold guns, perks, etc. for a little bit before I prestige. I play mostly Team Deathmatch, and some Domination and Demolition, but i'm always open to new game modes. My K/D is a 1.75, my TDM K/D is 2.26. The reason my TDM one is higher is because in Dom & Dem I would rush the objective hard, regardless of how many times I died there, what was going on, etc. I play better now, especially now that I've adjusted from Black Ops. I do have a mic, it is just one from GameStop, but I am getting an actual headset (Turtle Beaches) for X-Mas. I'm 15, but I have a very mature play style, I don't leave games when I lose and I like to show good sportsmanship at the end of the game by congratulating the other team. Anyways, just reply if you have space in your clan. Thanks.


PSN: KonohaArtist


Also, I use the free Elite so I will be able to join the clan on ELITE as well to help level it up.