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How to balance guns simply put


make smgs have a drop off like shotguns ie when they reach max range no more damage.

shotguns kill within 5 ft one shell.

sniper does damage like so CQB 50/50 chance one shot beacuse a sniper is long distance.....med-long range one shot kill. (disregard semis they should act like the mk14 in damage.)

Assasult rifles well....nothing really just lower the T95 ADS so it's less useful(speed of an lmg) as that gun needs that.

Add a perk for anti knifing......or use ninja, knifes take two stabs.(second tier) or ballastic vests stop a knife/leave one inches from death.

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    I don't personally agree with any of this... except that maybe the knife taking two stabs when ballistic vests are on. semi-auto snipers having mk14 damage? Then why even have them?

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    Simply ........ if there are 2 guns in he game, and only 2 guns, but those guns dont have identical stats. people will complain they arent balanced.


    The problem is that people want the gun they have in thier hand to be equal to every other weapon in every situation. If that were so, sure the weapons would be balanced ..... but the game would be boring as heck.


    They dont give you a choice of dozens of weapons so that the weapons can all be identical.


    Game balance is the key .... not weapon balance. Use a weapon that suits your tactics and situation and you can find balance.