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Stalker Pro = Stress

I believe Stalker should give you a very small amount of time to SAVE YOUR LIFE from a piece of explosive equipment, not give you the opportunity to have a picnic on it.


It waits like 4-5 to go off, if they see that thing jump up and stand there for long than 1 and half seconds they deserve to die.


I'll play kill confirmed and kill a guy from 10-15 feet away, reload, check and make sure it's clear, run to grab the tag only to have the Betty go off in my face 4 seconds after the guy is dead.


It's bad enough they can just lay down and avoid it, with Stalker they run to it, pull out their cellphones, take a picture of it, send it to their buddies with a "derp" smiley face beside it and run off.


It should give them a split second to get away, not 5.