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Bug Report - Unlimited Prestige Token Glitch

I play this game, i say well, my friends say otherwise XD but i have faith that this game is good. REALLY REALLY good. I like reporting bugs so that you guys can fix them to make this game better. I was noticing that there are ways people workaround the prestige token system in order to gain infinite of them. This really annoys me as I HATE hackers. I watched a couple of online tutorials so that i could find out how it was done. I told my brother about this, and he snuck onto my profile and did it to me. Now, i am seriously pissed off. please fix this.


The way I am assuming this is done, is this: when clicking on something (like double XP) the game authorizes using one prestige token. If you click yes, your total # of prestige tokens go down. If you press no, the authorization goes away.

What people are doing is authorizing a prestige token, not using it. authorizing another (not gonna say why so no-one abuses this) and using both to get a negative # of prestige tokens. Because of your coding, only if someone has 0 prestige tokens does it block from using them. PLZ change this in one of these ways:


you must first do this, or there will always be a workaround: cannot queue up more than one prestige token at once.


If prestige tokens are equal to or less than 0, then prestige tokens equal zero.


If you do something like this: If prestige tokens are less than or equal to zero, then don't authorize use of prestige tokens. What will happen is that people will just infinitely queue up things they want to buy and release them all at the same time.


As an addition to these, you could reset all prestige tokens to zero and take away all rewards from them: (all unlocks, and maybe some XP? double xp stuff will be hard though) and give people tokens based on their actual deserving of them. Someone who is 3rd prestige who prestiged in MW1 and Black ops would have 5 tokens for example.


I am sure you are aware of this glitch, so please dear god fix it.