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Looking for other players like me (UK) (PS3)

Hello, I'm AnnoKano and I am looking to found a new clan for players with similar goals and outlook as me, or to join an existing clan with similar criteria. I am a fairly casual player and until now have been content to just go it alone, but recently have felt like playing with a regular group, rather than the all out chaos of a typical team game. My philosophy is that team co-ordination, developing good strategies and tactical playing is the key to success when gaming.


My previous experience includes more than a year as a member of a gaming clan before (MWM gaming community; username: Sleepyhead), including some time in one of their scrim teams. Note that this was for the game 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' on the PC. Since then I have been playing the CoD series 'freelance' on the PS3.


Here are some requirements to join:


You don't have to be really good at the game (I don't care about K/D, W/L ratios or prestige levels) but you do need to want to improve. You'll be expected to work with the rest of the team and to engage in practice sessions.


I don't care about founder status or any of that other nonsense. I'm here to play, not to get fancy emblems or tags.


You need to have a microphone and be able to speak English clearly. Part of playing tactically involves communication with others on the team, so if you don't have a microphone it makes playing as a team that bit more difficult.

On a related note, if your voice hasn't broken yet, don't bother applying.


I am in the UK, so on a purely practical basis (time zones, lag issues and whatnot) I would rather play with other people from the UK or Europe. Of course, if you don't mind playing with a clan based in the UK, then anyone is welcome to join.



If you are interested, send me a message in game and we'll take things from there. My username in game is 'AnnoKano'.


Finally, just to stress what I said earlier, I am happy to join any clan with similar goals to my own.