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Treyarch, aside from the frame rate issues and bad porting, your game was better


I'm not kissing any ass here, but Black Ops was the better CoD. Mw3 is good, but holy crap. what happened? Theater Mode upgraded? HA, more like downgraded. You can't even make clips work like THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO. I can go on all day about Mw3 theater mode, but I'll sum it up in two words. It sucks..... period, end of story. People said there was lag compensation in Black Ops, I certainly never noticed it. Modern Warfare 3, I notice it completely. Having host is like shooting yourself in the foot and the host should have some advantage over everyone else.


Plus, the support for Blops was just fantastic. They fixed things before they got completely out of hand and the shotguns were so much better. RIP extended mag glitch and it's sad they're fixing that over other IMPORTANT things like lag, the horrific matchmaking, and gun balance. For the cons of Blops, a lot of the maps were too big and had way too many places to camp. Ghost was pretty terrible as it was, but the perk didn't slow the game down, the community did. Hopefully, they put two stealth perks (One for UAV and another for air support) in the same tier. Vonderhaar, here is my feedback for your next game (Blops 2 or Iron Wolf):


1. Keep killcams out of theater mode. Why people even asked for them is beyond me.

2. Bring back some of the custom things from Black Ops (Reticles for guns, emblem creator, clan tag on guns)

3. Blops theater mode was fantastic, but tweak it a bit.

4. I hope there is no second chance or last stand (**** you last stand, but hello Final Stand)

5. Keep the snipers the same as was in Blops. Mw3 made a huge mistake bringing back quickscoping and with the Sleight of Hand Pro benefit

6. Make Scavenger good again and give flashes and stuns their own unique characteristics.

7. Bring back all the fan favorite perks (Flak Jacket, Tactical Mask, etc...) and keep them as they were before