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Why not make all multiplayer modes upto 4 Player per console with full Xbox Live capabilities?

When a game says multi-player, I think they should give people the option of playing upto 4 players per console online.


I've always loved playing two player multi-player (split screen) on XBox Live, but always found it unfair that they can not extend it to upto four player multi-player.  As long as one person has Xbox Live then the other players should be able to play as guests, I mean Halo does it.


I can see some people thinking that means the screen is split into four sections when playing, some people may not like it, but the ones that don't they will play it two player split screen or single.  What it would do is give people the option, I mean there's nothing worse than having three or four players having to take turns on a two player Xbox Live game, just because four player multi-player without Xbox Live is no way near as good.


I love Call of Duty but that is one thing thats always limited it's gaming online when it comes to the amount of players per console.


The other things are vehicles and zombies.


Games like Left for Dead 2 with zombies were a massive hit, but in Call of Duty Black Ops, it was a major let down, its a shame they can't look at what other people like in other games and then introduce it into their gameplay.  I mean if they had hordes of zombies that moved like they did in Left for Dead with the weapons avaliable in Call of Duty....OMG!! Left for Dead would not stand a chance!


If they did an infected mode in the new Call of Duty in survival mode like this...it would have no competition!  I do like the online infected mode though, it reminded me of counter-strike zombie mode, its just a shame it does not extend to four players online per console.


As for vehicles, some people like them, some people don't but what it does it give a different perspective to the game.  What they could do is give people the option of turning vehicles off in all online maps in the setup if they didn't want them to appear, as you would any other modes (i.e. kill streaks, etc..).


I mean land vehicles are one thing, but been able to find a helicopter or a jet (maybe by care package? if not lying around on a map) and suprise your enimes by having that one on one interaction with your vehicles (such as Halo) is amazing!


I always think that a game can not have too much content and also as you can have the option of turning off and on these features to please everyone can't be a bad way of thinking.


Basically what they should do is have zombies, vehicles and any multiplayer split screen modes should be made upto four player per console and have full Xbox Live gameplay.  If you don't want to play online or don't have the internet then make it so you can have computer players in all modes!! They are really missing out on this by not doing it.


Also little touches like been able to open and close doors would be nice too (which can be destroyed, etc..)


Call of Duty MW3 is a damn good game though I have to say Does anyone agree or have any thoughts on what I have said?