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Reworking the Strike Packages




3- UAV


5- Airstrike, IMS, Sentry Gun


7- Attack Helicopter, Predator Missile, Strafing Run


9- Assault Drone, Stealth Bomber,  AH-6


12- AC-130, Pave Low, Reaper


15- Juggernaut, Osprey Gunner






5- UAV


6- Counter UAV, Explosive Decoy


8- SAM Turret, Ballistic Vests


12- Remote Sentry, Care Package, Advanced UAV


16- Recon Drone


20- Juggernaut Recon, EMP, Escort Airdrop

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    3- UAV


    5-Air strike







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    I see some of your logic, but why is a precision strike easier than a predator, and why is a reaper equal to an ac130? Maybe there should be an assault care package and a support care package. And you left out advanced UAV.

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      Fixed the list.


      A predator missile is better than an airstrike.  The predator basically lets you pick any member of the enemy team to drop dead.  It's a 99% guaranteed kill(s).  It has next to no warning as to where it will hit, and a very tiny warning when its deployed.


      The airstrike, on the other hand, needs to be placed correctly in order to be effective.  No red boxes appear on the mini-map when you call it in.  The enemy gets a verbal warning and loud jet engines when its called in.  It's much harder to get kills with.


      The Reaper is more effective than the AC-130 because it can curve missiles in between the tall buildings that litter most of the maps.  No need to wait for a good angle to place a shot.  A skilled player can do better with a Reaper.


      The Care Package is too low at 4 kills.  It needs to have some competition (the Advanced UAV) and take longer to acquire.

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        I usually only get 1 kill with a predator missle unless I'm lucky but I always get multiple kills with precision strikes since I wait for someone to call in a uav and the strike actually sends three jets. While the predator is like a free kill or two, just like the RC car from BO was, the  precision strike is more like the Napalm from BO but is actually weaker because the Napalm left a trail of fire that sometimes was invisible.


        My point is, the strike isn't as effective as the napalm, but the predator isn't any better that the RC car (except the RC car had a time limit and could be shot but the predator doesn't go into buildings) and is about the same as the precision strike. The only reason I like the precision at 6 is because it lets me use both the precision and predator.


        As far as the reaper goes, it does get some sweet kills, but the ammo is limited and the ac130 has unlimited ammo until your time runs out. Both can be shot down of course, but I think the reaper still takes some skill and that's why I like it, because it doesn't just give free kills like choppers do.


        I do think the care package is cheap, but I don't use it because it usually gives me IMS or sentries, and for every 1 sweet thing I actually get, I would have gotten 4 reapers. So yes it's cheap, but it's not worth it because of the limit on killstreaks. It might be worth it for others, but that's why I think it's fine where it is.


        The idea of giving support a support care package is good though. And I 100% support that stealth bomber should be a 10 killstreak reward in the assault package. Also, I support that the top support streaks should be bumped up to 20.

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    Reaper should be a 10 killstreak not 12, I always get more kills with both the ac-130 and pavelow when I use them (usually run specialist). Also I get more doubles, triples and multis with the ac-130 and pavelow.


    The reaper should be a 10 killstreak with 1 extra flare than what it currently has.


    Pavelow should recieve an extra flare to keep it on par with the AC-130.


    Also the AC-130 should have a couple more seconds of air time, 30 seconds is a bit less 45 seconds - 1 minute should be more like it.

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    All the Assault package rewards are really weak and hard to get IMO, they should be lowered to this:



    4-Care Package

    5-IMS, Precision Airstrike, Sentry Gun

    6-Predator Missile

    7-Attack Helicopter, Strafe Run, Little Bird Guard


    9-Stealth Bomber, Assault Drone

    11-Pave Low

    12-AC-130, Juggernaut

    15-Osprey Gunner



    Support I'd rework a few but I'd say Support needs a few more strikes, maybe even some from Assault.


    4-UAV, Ammo Drop (airdrop w/ ammo)

    5-Airdrop Trap, Counter-UAV, Gas Tank (strap on and explode on death like in Survival)

    8-Ballistic Vests, SAM Turret

    10-Recon Drone, Care Package

    12-Remote Sentry, IMS, Advanced UAV

    14-Stealth Bomber

    15-Juggernaut Recon

    18-EMPs, Escort Airdrop, Attack Dogs (I don't know why these weren't in MP, Santa Paws could kill a man faster than these little p*ssies in Survival, if it wasn't for the bombs WHICH WOULD BE REMOVED IN MP, they would be nothing more than a distraction for the enemy team)

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      UAV needs to be buffed to 5 kills this will remove UAV spam. It may be harder to get one but they are one of the most powerful streaks in the game.


      Also your system would become Reaper - Pavelow - AC-130, the osprey gunner is useless for just about every map and not worth the kills, juggernaut can be taken down by FMG akimbos. Thats why AC-130 + Pavelow need to be the same amount of the kills, they are beast and having both killstreaks on at the same time would be insane.

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        Well, the Pave Low can be shot down easily by anyone with a Stinger, Assault Juggernaughts would have extra bullet resistance but reduced explosive resistance (all bullet damage to them would be divided by 30 but all explosive damage divided by only 8, unlike all damage divided by 10 right now).  Also Juggernaught kills would count toward your strike package.


        Also, UAVs are fine as they are.  Just make them more easier to shoot down by making them not blend into the sky as much (like in Black Ops).


        Plus, Reaper is piss weak, give it one flare and I'll guarantee you the guy running it won't get his full time on it.

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    Can not agree.. I do not think the assualt streak should have a uav at all. Only the support streak. And by the same token I do not think the support streak should have any that gains kills like the stealh bomber.

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      Perhaps the Assault package should get a different variant of the UAV (i.e. a Spy Plane that flies directly over the map and hense is easier to shoot down than the UAV but has more bullet resistance).


      The Stealth Bomber is fine as-is, just turn on color-blind assist and you'll see all enemy Stealth Bombers; once you see one duck into a building.

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    4: Care Package, Airdrop Trap (care package can also be a Airdrop Trap)

    5: Precision Airstrike, IMS

    6: Predator Missile

    7: Attack Helicopter

    9: Strafe Run, Assault Drone

    11: Reaper, Stealth Bomber

    12: AC130

    13: Pave low

    14: EMP

    15: Juggernaut

    18: Osprey Gunner



    5: UAV, Ballistic Vest

    6: CUAV, Airdrop Trap

    9: SAM Turret

    14: Remote Turret

    16: Recon Drone,

    18: Little Bird Guard

    21: EMP, Recon Juggernaut

    23: Escort Airdrop

    I made them so high because the streak doesn't reset

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    I like the idea to move uavs to support only. That way you would actually NEED support players. And maybe ppl would stop being so greedy and constantly run attack helicopter reaper and whatever else...


    The juggernaut is weak cuz its so slow, so the cost could be lowered. Stealth bomber is fine; keeps u on your toes.


    Putting the reaper at 12? Give me a break. The reaper is weaker imo than an attack helicopter. I get killed less, and run around more when a reaper is up. Those things are easy to hide from. Too easy. I say make the helicopter 9 and make them choose one.


    And for gods sake lower the rank the stinger unlocks. There's no reason noobs should have to get raped by air support. They are already at a huge disadvantage.

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      Here's how I'd do it:




      5 - Predator/Precision Airstrike

      6 - IMS (detonates faster, actual equipment is a little smaller making it slightly more useful)

      7 - Attack Helicopter/AH-6 Overwatch

      9 - Stealth Bomber/Strafe Run

      10 - Assault drone

      12 - AC-130 / Reaper

      15 - Pavelow/Juggernaut (pavelow gets extra flares)

      18 - Osprey Gunner




      5 - UAV/CUAV

      7 - Ballistic Vests/Airdrop Trap

      10 - Sam Turret (more powerful missiles)

      12 - Recon Drone/Advanced UAV (recon can temporarily disable enemy equipment)

      14 - Remote Sentry (more health)

      15 - Juggernaut Recon

      20 - EMP


      You'll note I left off the Care Package and Escort Airdrop. Some things are slightly buffed due to the higher requirements, others are lower on the scale because they're simply not worth the competition (Jugg vs EMP for instance).

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    Please for the love of god make reapers, strafes, ac-130 and pavelows different # of kills. While we are at it, lets make reaper 11 so we can all have strafe runs, reapers, ac-130's and pavelows in the sky all at once. It would make the game so much more enjoyable.  /sarcasm


    I don't see a problem with the assault package now.  If you have ever ran with a good group it's hard enough to get air support out.  Making it harder would make more people use support package.  So you'd actually be pushing more people to using EMP's.  And 20 points isn't any harder then getting 18 especially in Dom. 

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    I have posted before and I am very content with the features of this game. About the only thing I would change is moving the Stealthbomber to Assault, trading it for the Precision Airstrike. I also think Stealthbomber would fit well at around 8-10 kills. Like you put it @ 9 seems fair placing the Overwatch as an alternative to the chopper...


    I would not switch it around almost entirely though. But based on earlier threads I belive a suttle move trading the Stealthbomber w Precision Airstrike is a viable option. The Support streak would still have the edge of a more offensive move with the Precision Airstrike whilst the SB would be more correctly placed in the lines of the Assault Streak imo.

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    the strike packages are fine the way they are theres no need to rework them

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    I actually agree with OP, except maybe CUAV should be 4/5 kills becaue its a worthless killstreak especially with all the people with ninja pro running around.

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      Just move Stealth bomber to strike package so I can Run,

      Preditor Missle

      Persion Airstrike

      Stealth Bomber


      Preditor Missle is not better than an Air Strike, when used skillfully the Air strike is always better.


      Also EMP could use an epic nerf. Nothing ruins a game like being chain emp'ed for an entire game.