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PS3 MW3 clan - mature gamers 21+ ladies and men - UK USA CAN - 4GC

For Good Company - an established and successful PS3 clan for mature players of MW3 and Battlefield - around 150 active MW3 players, all time zones, in clan league, GB team for MW3 being formed, King Of The Hill 1v1 tournament. Always someone online to game with.

No K/D or skill requirements just be mature and want to game with friends.

Elite membership available after you have shown some commitment to the clan in game or on forum.

So...if Santa was good enough to buy you MW3 then why not learn to love it (or hate it .. ) in the company of some new friends.

All ages 21 and over welcome.

Core and hardcore.

Would love to have more ladies in the clan.

Join at www.clan4gc.com