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Elite Warfare Legion (EWL Honor) Is Now Recruiting.


We need Cod Elite free And premium members to join EWL Honor (XBOX360) https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/180634


Our elite clan level is 4. We play any gametype of both Hardcore and Core. 


And we are a multigaming community our website is elitewarfarelegion.weebly.com


We are trying to become a multi - console gaming community as well Pc, And PS3 And Possibly The Wii.


We play to have fun we strongly don't care about K.D.R Or Winning/Losing.


We want to become more competitive i.e for example clan operations and challenges or sign up for game battles


If Anyone Is Interested or Want more information contact me on xbox live GT is EWL SOUL TAKER Or Pm Me/Reply To My Post.

We Usually Check The Forums Every Day.


We Have Both Junior And Senior Branches: Juniors Age Limit Is 12 -17 And Seniors Age Limit Is 18 Or Older.

We Don't Knock Or Put Down Age Groups. Both Have Amature And Pro Qualities In a Social And Competitive Way.


Our Rules Are Simple:


We Made This Community To Have Fun.


E.W.L Members Must Be Active And Socialize With The Community And On Our Website.


Must Act Like A Sportsman, Show True Leadership And Act Like A Leader. 


No Cheating, Boosting, Modding, Or Hacking.


No Poaching (Stealing Members From Other Clans Or Communities, And No Trash Talking Online Period.


No. Double Clanning (Can Not Be In 2 Clans Or Communities At the Same Time.


An E.W.L Gamer Tag Is Optional And Must Earn The Rank Sergeant In Our Community To Do So.


No Disrespecting or Discriminating Against Any EWL Members Both Juniors And Seniors And We All Must Show Respect To All Ranks Above And Below Us.


We Must Show Respect And Remain Neutral With Other Gamers And Gaming Leagues, Or Clans and Communities.


We are to treat eachother as family, Not Make Enemies.