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My question is with elite premium members recieving dlc on JAN 24 and XBOX getting the dlc before PS3, overall, when will nonelite Ps3 users recieve the option to buy this mappack, For example say Xbox elite get it JAN 24 , wait a month-- XBOX / PS3 elite FEB 24, PS3 players would get it MAR 24.... that blows IW. think about us PS3 players as well.


Also what is to be also included in this monthly dlc, I've heard of Park, but does that mean the map pack will have Italy, Overwatch, Morningwood, Park, and Concrete, will all those maps be included in the dlc along with these"special" extras and specs ops missions? Like what are these special extras? Perks? Guns? equipment? Gamemodes? what about double XP weekend on the weekend of the first dlc launch, or perhaps all of the dl  launches throughout the months? id like to know. personally i love DropZone and maybe if they made hmmm... GUNGAME and INFECTED this game would totally take my life away. whatever we'll see on JAN 24 and hopefuly hear more news soon. If anyone has heard anything feel free to let me know. Thanks. -Jambone242 on VESTSsaveLIVES