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PS3- Recruiting for Clan Members(I'm premium but free can join too)

I'm recruiting for clan members. I am a premium member so our clan will have those benefits but everyone can join. So if u need a clan and have the free version of elite join mine. Premium members are greatly welcome too. I'm a good player around 1.30 and get a lot of wins. I have people that are already planning 2 join but they have not yet. Likewise for them. If u don't think ur that good tell me about ur stats and i will see what I can do depending on the number of entries. Our clan name is being determined but "S3XY" is what I was thinking. Give ur two cents on the name. We will play a number of game modes but don't worry, none of those modes that no one plays. No hardcore. Reply and send me a friend request and I will send you an invite. Thank you for your consideration of joining my clan.


Psn name- Cam2415