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[PC] ZOD is now recruting skilled members and managers. 1,5 ratio +

Hi all,

My name is Louis and I am from Quebec. I recently created a team called ZOD (for the High Rune from Diablo 2 ).Just before starting to play  CODMW3, me and some friends were semi-pro players of Starcraft 2, playing in competitions and winning some money. We are looking for players that play Search & Destroy and motivated managers (Organizes clanwar, recruitment, website, etc.). However, you can join to the team even if you do not particularly excel in Search & Destroy, but understand that you will probably not participate in the clan wars of the team official. (There's A team and B). We also play in other modes from time to time for fun.

For now, we have 2 players in the team official (A) and about 5 in the team practice (B). As I was rereading myself, I realized that I'm giving you the impression that we are strict but this is not the case at all. For example, there is no schedule and we spend much more time having fun than seriously practicing.

- Have Teamspeak 3.
- Be active.
- Be good xD (For A Team: 1.5 ratio or more, there may be exceptions in the good and the bad sense)
- Be at least 16 years old.
- No Ragequit, respect other players and if they ask, do not disturb the players still alive who demand the silence (microphone).

Our objectives:
- Have fun
- Have an A team of about 6-8 players
- Have a B team as many players as possible
- Earn clan wars

If you are interested, please give your details in the comments so I can then contact you on hotmail or steam.
You can send friend requests to my steam ID: ZOD * Kandide. (there is a space between Zod and *)