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Looking For A Clan [Playstation]

I am looking for a clan to join on Playstation. I am a founder but I was in a different clan then left so I dont have the 500xp anymore.


Elite Page

KDR - 1.41


I am looking for a clan with alot of people and hopefully one with a gold clan tag, with mature, nice people that like to snipe and do clan battles

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    Hey k-reflex, I'd like to invite you to Try Out for the Awakened Legends Clan, we're a mature, active level 8 clan that has a 1.5 K/D. We have Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and our own clan website! You should sign up @ awakenedlegendz.enjin.com, submit an application form, add iTaco_Bassist on PSN, and we'll see what we can do!


    We have a gold and bronze medal for clan ops to offer, as well as some of the coolest guys you'll meet. We will soon have a gold clan tag as we are recruiting new members in, so drop in and say hey, and hopefully you can join our clan




    Awakened Legends

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    I would like to encourage you to check out Onslaught Inc. We are an international, multiplatform clan with divisions in Call of Duty and more including BF3, Star Wars: The Old Republic and we even have our own Minecraft server.


    We have members of all ages and we don't discriminate based on KD or Elite membership status. We want gamers who play well together, have fun and have good sportsmanship, win or lose.


    We are actively taking part in Elite Clan Ops (took home a Gold badge last night) and are currently setting up a competitive team as well.


    So check us out and fill out an application if you are interested. You can read more about us on our website and in our recruitment thread here on the MW3 forum.



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    Your KD is 1.13 not 1.4?