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It must be a CHEAT or a GLITCH?!

Okay guys, i've made an account on this to get my word across and know if its true. Before you judge me, know this, I'm a very good player in modern warefare 3 as I always get 30+ kills in every game and 80% of the time i'm always on the top of the table. NOW! I am getting really frustrated with all of these glitches or mods in the game lately. I know there are some as I have checked on youtube. But there is one that I believe no one has mentioned yet or has even noticed about it.


Let me get straight to the point.


When I was playing a 'kill confirmed' match on online multiplayer (or any other type of game mode), I realised that sometimes ''my primary weapon automatically changes to my secondary weapon without me pressing anything''. First I thought I probably changed my weapon by accident but then I realised that I cannot be making the exact same mistake more than twice in each time I play the game. I also realised that it happens when I'm near a specific player (who probably is using a glitch/cheat). First I thought it may be my imagination but it constantly happened most of the time I played online. It happened again when that same specific player was infront of me. I constantly got killed many times due to this glitch/cheat because it allowed the other player enough time to aim and kill me during the changing weapon process.


I was in another receiving end of a similar glitch/cheat that allowed players to easily kill opposing players by making them ''reload automatically'' when they try to shoot at you. Your weapon reloads right after you shoot a couple of rounds at them despite having a full chamber thus allowing them to have all the time they need to spot you and finish you off. I accept being defeated or be killed many times by a very skilled player but when it happens the way I had explained, I get very angry and disgusted by it. It ruins the whole the game but not for those people who are using the glitch/cheat ofcourse! I really hope they release a patch soon for this. Any ideas where I can get my message across in order for them to do so guys? I know this is not my imagination.

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    Show us a video or I call bullshit.

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    I'm pretty sure this has happened to me also u knife some one sometimes for no reason at all when u have not pressed in the stick,


    It's not happened too much on mw3 but it happened a shxt load on mw2 I just put it down as a bug when it changed weapons but the knifed one I was always suspicious of, I suggest u record the games n send them in as evidence for either bugs or hacks and let them decide what's happening, and if other do the same then they will have to take notice,

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      Yeah as said probably your pad.


      Same goes for the knifing for no reason, when i got a brand new pad i never knife unless i want to, but occasionally i do now. I noticed this on last 3 pads i had


      This is only because your analog stick requires a lot less pressure after a few months of use so you can do this by mistake even if you dont think you pressed it....you have put enough pressure on it for the pad to register

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        I don't have a knifing problem in the game. You know why i'm 100% sure this has to be a glitch/cheat? Its because I specifically remember once I killed a player and chased after another one closeby I aimed at him and started to shoot when suddenly I reloaded automatically without pressing anything and then reloaded again when he came at me. When I respawned it didnt happen again when I tried to kill another player. But when I came face to face with that same player it happened again. Now tell me what you think?

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      Random weapon change to secondary happened to me many times, mostly in first few weeks after the release. I think it was mentioned in separeted threads by others. I didn't personaly experienced unwanted reloads but I'm sure it was happening as well.  I've seen other weird stuff like a guy calling 15 cobras one after another.

      BTW, mods here try to keep this forum free from conversetion about hacks and glitches.

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    I feel much the same way about quick scopers...