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IW wouldn't know weapon balance if it stared them in the face.

The only reason I bought MW3 was the hope that IW would be smart and fix most of the balance issues from MW2 i.e. G18s, OP Killstreaks, ludicrous perks. It was a real gamble at the store trying to figure out whether or not to buy it.


I decided to give in to buying it. When I came home I installed it, and joined a pub match. I went 5-14. The top 4 players were using Akimbo FMGs. Next game. 7-12. Again, Akimbo FMGs. There is no reason for an initially unlocked, Weapon Level 5 secondary should do better than a Level 31 Shotgun/SMG primary at close quarters.


This is only one example of awful balancing in the game. The list goes on:

-Akimbo machine pistols, not limited to the FMGs, have damn small crosshairs for their firepower.

-Type 95 is way too powerful. Hipfire patch wont do anything against 55 damage @ ~1000 rpm.

-Shotguns deserve the Extended Mags glitch to balance their power, but IW has to remove it for the sake of glitches.

-SMGs in general kill too quickly. This I can bear, because at least it promotes skillful and aggressive play.

-The Striker is pretty much a semi-automatic KSG.

-Assassin Pro, not Assassin, is far too strong for its Perk Tier. Immune to EMPs? Please.

-Dat Dragunov. I understand that it's always been a weaker weapon, but it has no benefits over the RSASS/MK14.

-Many more things that I think IW doesn't even know about.


MW3 is way too forgiving to bad players and punishes players who try to variate their playstyle. By 2012, all pubs will have a [FMG] mLGpR0zquiickySh0t running around with FMGs getting undeserved killstreaks and ruining other people's gameplay.


IW, do something about your damn game.