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I would like to compile a list of suggestions that I think would make this game much better.


I will also add a list of additional suggestions below.




My Suggestions:


  1. 1. Remove Deathstreaks (players should not be rewarded for dying).
  2. 2. Add a Clan vs. Clan Playlist, with all gametypes.
  3. 3. Add a Clan Leaderboard and Clan Rank (based on W/L, K/D, SPM, etc.).
  4. 4. Implement Ranked Clan Matchmaking.
  5. 5. Increase damage on Shotguns (maybe not the Striker), especially the KSG-12.
  6. 6. Slightly increase the effective range on all Shotguns (as of right now, they're weaker than most guns).
  7. 7. Allow Scavenger to refill Grenade and Launcher Ammo, and maybe even Equipment.
  8. 8. Add Ammo Care Packs (could be deployable, like Ballistic Vest).
  9. 9. Increase the damage of all Explosives.
  10. 10. Decrease Knife damage, making it a 2-knife kill, unless from behind.
  11. 11. Decrease effective range and rate of fire on the Type-95 (as it should be lower than the M16, according to real statistics).
  12. 12. Increase the damage and effective range on the M16.
  13. 13. Increase the rate of fire on the MK-14 and remove "Mod Block", as it does nothing to prevent modded controllers from firing faster.
  14. 14. Decrease the damage on all SMG's, making them all a 5-shot+ kill.




Additional Suggestions:


  1. 1. Make Deathstreaks available only to Lvl. 4 or under (maybe even Lvl. 10 and under). - By: grif77775
  2. 2. Add a chance to miss a melee attack (knife flinch), when being shot. - By: grif77775
  3. 3. Allow Scavenging of non-free-fire rockets (ex. Stinger). - By: redline70689
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    Clans are a tiny fraction of the cod community so the first three points don't matter


    - Pump/lever Shotguns need a minor buff

    - Scavenger should ONLY replenish ammo/ grenades(both lethal and tactical) and nothing else.  Blops had it right

    -Ammo packs are an interesting idea.  Would be a good support KS in my opinion

    - Knife is fine.  Don't let the guy get in range.

    -Explosive damage is fine as is.

    - M16/Type 95 are fine imo.  I really don't use burst weapons much though.

    -Making all smg's 5 bullet kills would render them completely useless.  They would be outgunned by AR and LMGs in CQC.

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    -scavenger needs to stay the same..nobody wants to see someone shooting rockets or tubes out the a** or a claymore around every corner..

    -explosives are fine the way they are..

    -Knife being a 2 knife kill? That's by far the worst thing to do..

    -about the m16 and type95 statistics don't matter because the game isn't " real "..

    -5 shot kills on smgs??? please tell me you're joking about that one, leave them how they are...people try to change too much and want everything to be equal on this game and thats what messes it up..some guns need to be more OP'd than other guns..if not there would be no reason to rank up to get to the better guns..people need to play the game with the guns they are given and instead of complaining about guns that kill them..just use that gun, ever think of that?

    With that being said, the things i stated are just what i disagree with you about..but i do agree with some of what you said, IMO i like the clan idea's because I myself am a big clan guy and i like to step up the level and compete at a higher level

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    -Make every gun bipass Final Stand, Dead Man's Nuke and Marydom.

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      ok here we go

      deathstreaks. I hate them myself but I do feel underpower below lvl 4 so, limit them to anyone below that

      clan vs clan. I don't belong to one so no opinion here

      same with clan leader boards

      ranked match making seems like a good Idea, but with alot of people only playing it for pleasure it won't have anywhere near the same amount of players

      shotguns increase range by 3-7m on each of them and they would be fine, their damage is dead on as it is

      scavenger. perfect the way it is. once you allow nades you have to allow claymores and betty.

      ammo crate great Idea

      buff nades and semtex, not noob tubes or equipment

      knife. I haven't really been knifed to often, but I would like to see flinch so a someonetries to knife while taking gun fire they can miss

      m16 and mk 14 are fine. leave them alone. the type 95 at full range is a 5 hit kill already, I think you mean lower it's damage to at least a 3 kills( say 45)

      lets pretend you did just say help people with modded controller.

      and smgs are fine

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    At least they got rid of the Last Stand , Lightweight and Commando perks. That right there shows that IW listens to the complaints. Well some of them at least.

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    • Nerf FMG9's
    • Nerf Type95
    • Remove Final Stand from Death Streaks
    • Increase consistency of spread on pump action shotguns or nerf striker range/consistency
    • Allow for scavenging of non free-fire rockets (ex: Stinger)
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      I kinda like the idea of allowing Scavenging of non-free-fire rockets, but it may lead to a lot of "n00bs" shooting down every Pointstreak the other team calls in, resulting in higher Pointstreaks for the "n00bs" that don't deserve it.


      And, definitely fixing the Spawns.

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    I'm concerned about any suggestion to improve explosives. One of the things this game actually did right was keeping them properly toned down. However I will concede that it would be nice if scavenger could refill certain items. Potentially it wouldn't be terribly hard to balance it to refill anything by making problematic items simply cost more scavenger packs to refill.


    As of shotguns, their biggest stumbling block is just that even small flaws in hit detection can really screw them over, and that many other weapons can be just as effective in close quarters without demanding any precision or skill. In all seriousness, why would any pragmatic player choose a shotgun when they can just use an akimbo instead?


    Fixing this will first mean nerfing akimbos to hell an back. To combat some of these other issues, there can be alternate fixes like giving shotguns near-immunity to flinch by default, that way they can at least stand a chance of retaliating while they're being sprayed at. If any damage increase is to take place, it should only happen with the slow-firing shotguns and even then only at close range. Just something to compensate for partial hits due to lag.


    As of other issues, the rule of thumb is that the more something makes combat an issue of dumb luck, the worse it is. Spawns and map design for example. If luck of the draw makes a bigger difference then how good a shot the player is, then we have a problem. With weapon design too, sprayable derp-machines that have more damage output than the ones that demand precision are a huge eye-sore.


    Simple rule- if its easy, then it should be weak. If its difficult, then it should be strong. Making weapons that are easy to use and also powerful may as well be the devs' way of saying "Oh no, mindless vegetables might feel discriminated against! We must give them sufficient crutches and training wheels to make them the equals of normal human beings!"


    And when normal human beings get ahold of the crutches and training wheels, then you have trouble. This might just be idealism talking, but I'd love to see a system where you can only unlock an ACR if your IQ is less than 50. And the akimbos only if your IQ is less than 10. That would even things out.

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      mickilla wrote:


      I'm concerned about any suggestion to improve explosives. One of the things this game actually did right was keeping them properly toned down. However I will concede that it would be nice if scavenger could refill certain items. Potentially it wouldn't be terribly hard to balance it to refill anything by making problematic items simply cost more scavenger packs to refill.



      Exactly, it would be great if maybe you have to pick up 4 Scav Bags to refill Equipment, 3 for Launcher Ammo, and 2 for Grenades, or even higher.


      And they can even allow Launchers to only have 1 rocket/grenade at a time, after the original amount has been used.