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Spawn Killing, It's not a legitimate Play style.

As some of you may or may not be aware, this thread (http://community.callofduty.com/message/205263367#205263367) has opened the grounds to some huge discussion.  Spawn killing, the vidoe in said thread shows a player and 3 or 4 of this friends setting up a spwan trap that literally spawns the enemy in your Field of view, 3 feet away from you, and have slim to no chances of breaking the trap.  not only did he Boast about spawn trapping, he then boasted about breaking 4 'World Records" for MW3, which was actually only 1.  The Following is the Video described above.


After viewing that, everything seems off.  He was the only Person on his team to throughout the whole Game.  The fact that 4 of those players stayed for the whole game, this seems to be bringing back the fond memories of the infamous "GUNIT123, Worlds Fastest Nuke" Which was fake.


The following is my feeling towards this player and anyone else that thinks spawn killing is a legitimate or fair way or playing.

Now, I feel that although Spawn Killing can't really be fixed, something like this needs to be avoided, the fact that 95% of the players on the other team had no chance what so ever to even break the spawn trap is rediculous.  it seems like an explotation of the spawn system (As shitty as it already is) but ontop of that, has been proven that there were up to 4 people on the other team that were following him in and out of games for a good while.


Do you feel that this is grounds for a Ban/Reset?  Exploiting the Spawns, Boosting, and being an overall asshat.  What do you feel should be done about Spwan Trapping outside of Demo (Because the way the spawns are in that gametype kidna force spawn camping)

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