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For those who complain about camping...

When I play people who TRULY CAMP, they almost always go barely positive if they do at all and have single digit kills. Yeah, its frustrating when you run into him for the first time but there is really no excuse to die by the same camper twice without killing him.  I hear the excuse that a person is camping far too often by my random teammates but yet I never seem to notice anyone camping.  I think the main reason is because I have dead silence and assassin on every class.  Its amazing how often the UAV is up and how many kids have headsets anymore.  If I know your heading towards a corner, obviously im gonna have the advantage to take cover quick.  I know it sucks to limit yourself to the same old perks but it is so worth it.


Im a flanker, I constantly move around the perimeter of the map yet I get called a camper a lot.  I dont know if its because I have a high kill-to-death ratio or if its because I always put myself in good situations to kill people because I know where they are coming from usually.  I just know that the main reason Im able to maintain a high ratio and get a lot of kills is because I use perks that keep my location unknown while I get behind the other teamand kill these so called campers.  But it is annoying to get hate messages for playing smart and just doing well.


So if you think this game is full of campers, seriously, use dead silence and assassin for a day and it should make a difference.  Try flanking and avoid going into the heavy fire zones.  You will be amazed at how many people that you call campers, you are able to shoot in the back and how many more kills compared to deaths you will get.

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    Many military strategists have attempted to encapsulate a successful strategy in a set of principles. Sun Tzu defined 13 principles in his The Art of War while Napoleon listed 115 maxims. American Civil War General Nathan Bedford Forrest had only one: "to git thar furst with the most men" or "to get there first with the most men".  The concepts given as essential in the United States Army Field Manual of Military Operations (FM-3-0, sections 4-32 to 4-39) are:

    1) Objective (Direct every military operation towards a clearly defined, decisive, and attainable objective)

    2) Offensive (Seize, retain, and exploit the initiative)

    3) Mass (Concentrate combat power at the decisive place and time)

    4) Economy of Force (Allocate minimum essential combat power to secondary efforts)

    5) Maneuver (Place the enemy in a disadvantageous position through the flexible application of combat power)

    6) Unity of Command (For every objective, ensure unity of effort under one responsible commander)

    7) Security (Never permit the enemy to acquire an unexpected advantage)

    8) Surprise (Strike the enemy at a time, at a place, or in a manner for which he is unprepared)

    9) Simplicity (Prepare clear, uncomplicated plans and clear, concise orders to ensure thorough understanding)

    Bottom Line: Any strategy is fair in War, just hope yours is better...

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    COD players are extremely quick to pull the camper card so lets be clear on the definition.


    A camper is a person that sits in an obscure spot, usually near a high traffic that offers no tactical advantage to either team. A camper will typically be seen using high power short range weapons like a shotgun or akimbo FMGs but are known to use all types of weapons. These types of campers rely on surprise rather than gun skill to get kills. But I guess the best definition of a camper is someone that can go 0-0 depending on how the other team plays.


    If you're playing a location based objective game such as demo, dom, or hq and you get killed by someone thats watching over one of the key locations, that person is not a camper. Say what you want but the entire point of those modes is to capture key locations

    and prevent the enemy from taking them. I can't tell you how many times I've been called a camper in domination.


    You also have to remember that due to the small maps in MW3 there are a few locations that enemies are almost guaranteed to be around as these are choke points. Take the area under the dome on dome, if you run in and your team mates aren't already in there then theres a 100% chance that you'll be shot.

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    Campers are noobs?  I have a 4.10 KDR and get hate messages calling me a camper everyday, even people who have never played with me lol.  So, would you like to prove your claim that campers are noobs?  I will be more than happy to slaughter you and whoever you want to bring along.

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    I primarily play Domination with a team of 3 or more including myself. Recently, we've only been playing when there have been 4 or more of us online and play as a team. We win literally every single game, all gaining 30 kills on average per game, making many teams quit. One of us is on a 106 win streak, I'm on 57. People have looked me up on Elite or simply sent me messages after a game accusing me of camping like a mother ****** and so on. It's ridiculous that actual skill is mis-interpreted as camping. Campers don't do overly well in all my encounters with them on COD, and they stick out a mile. Just because somebody got owned, they ***** and moan and revert to assigning the "camper" status. I'm pretty sure people have reported me for boosting and others insisted I had a turbo pad whatever that is and however it would work, just because I had been using the single fire assault rifle for an entire prestige and had mastered a quick trigger finger on it (in Black Op's).


    COD players are so dirty and cheap and unsupporting of eachother, it's stupid. We're all here playing the same game and with so many more options introduced into each COD - perks, kill streaks / point streaks, death streaks, various gun class setups etc. it's inevitable that play styles will clash at some point. Campers in my PERSONAL opinion are players who are not yet good enough to suceed in the game any other way, or simply aren't as skilled. As soon as I'm killed by one, I shout it out to the team I'm with and usually have a reply of "Got Him!" or "He's Down" within 10 seconds. They're the easiest of players to bring down and whilst annoying, I'm sure that we're just as annoying to them.


    And by the way, I believe camping out of pure necessity is fine. If there is an immense amount of enemy air support or I'm infiltrating behind enemy lines then I will wait there for as long as it takes until it's safe or until an opportnity to strike arises. I know I'll probably die, I'm in their spawn, but I'll take 2 - 3 of them out and try and play it smart to get them when they return for me.

    Also someone (Darth I think?), mentioned that stopping for 5 seconds is still camping. Well, no, it's just not. By that logic, unless I'm moving I'm camping. Or is 4 seconds okay with you... ? If I were in the middle of the map looking up in the air for 5 seconds and you killed me, you wouldn't say I'm camping then would you? Waiting for a few seconds to ensure the coast is clear or hiding from the enemy when there are 4 of them and 1 of you is how you survive. Your only argument against that is you prefer storming the stronghold and trying to take those 4 enemy out single handedly. I admit that can be fun too, but with a much lower sucess rate. I'd pick off the enemy one by one from behind or stay put and warn my team of the danger and the direction it'll be coming from. Then continue on to whichever route or objective I'm playing.

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    OP, listen. I've been playing FPS since I was around 12 (I'm almost 22). Camping is and always will be part of FPS. I still complain about campers, though. They are one of those things that are easier to complain about than to justify... but when it comes down to it, camping is just part of the game, especially in the case of snipers...



    The only thing that pisses me off is when I get killed by a camper and I feel like cleaning him out of his camping spot, but it takes me a good 3 or 4 deaths before I'm finally able to do so... only to find out that he's heading right back to his camp spot >_>.



    There are essentially two types of players in CoD.. defensive and offensive.. some players tend to be straight up rushers.. while others are usually on the campy side. This is why CoD has introduced weapons, perks, and kill streaks that cater to both types of playing styles.

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    Camping sux

    Can't stop it

    Just adapt

    Get the killz



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    If it was going to change the world, it might be worth arguing, but this debate is pointless. Retards will be retarded and I'm done wasting my energy because people are stupid.

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    @ DarthBryan


    It might be a good idea for you to not only learn the ways of Sun Tzu, but also some of the famous - and infamous - people that have read his teachings. While his philosophy applies mostly to warcraft, a lot of warcraft has nothing to do with the battlefield.


    That's why his writings apply to how a person plays a video game.


    In any case, you should also focus on how you say what it is that you have to say. Here are two verbatim quotes from you ...


    If I am running around the map, and then I stop at a spot to wait for a kill... get the kill and then move on to do the same thing, I am camping.


    ... only to be followed up with ...

    Campers are noobs, plain and simple.


    Now THAT is a Call of Duty WTF?? moment.


    In any case, just to help you out, getting the "enemy" all worked up, angry, emotional, frustrated and complaining that you are not "fighting fair" ... that is a Sun Tzu strategy.


    Become a follower ... find your zen, oh young one ... and then you won't give a rat's behind whether someone camps or not.

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    Camping is camping no matter what, now if you take cover around the corner when you see me on the UAV that's understandable. But when you stay in the same spot over and over and over. You are a camper, I see this a lot with prestiege players or anyone who sucks. Besides there are times when the camper will entrench himself deeply, say a sentry gun and portable radar.


    I just finished 2 matches where the enemy team did nothing but camp and camp and camp, just to win.


    Camping is Camping no ifs ands or buts about it.

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    I find that camping is annoying, but with a little bit of smarts I can take a camper down.  What I do is if I know somebody is camping or if I running into a place where many people camp, I place T.I. (Tactical Insertion) right outside and if I die, I charge back in and counter-act anything they do.  For example, if someone if camping at the building at B on Resistance, than a place a T.I. at the back entrance and just keep rushing in.  If he drop-shots me or stares at the doorway, I toss a grenade.  Any camper can be taken out easly with a little bit of patience and know how.  Dont' worry about your K/D, just concentrate on how hard your going to f**k up their K/D.

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    Just a thought for everyone saying 'campers are noobs with no skill'......


    The camper shot YOU in the back, and killed YOU.


    YOU ran right past the camper and didn't see him.


    This is a GAME based on killing the enemy.


    The enemy killed YOU, because YOU ran past him.


    Who is the noob? Who is the person needing some skill? The person who runs around blind, or the person who uses cover to his advantage and gains a kill?


    This arguement also applies to people who complain about Assassin/Ghost. Same things, different name.