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  • 30. Re: Banned from Xbox Live Due to Prestige Token Glitch <Video>

    "Can anyone here plz put me in contact with someone that can reset my account, that way obvoiusly i can avoid being banned from xbox live, and so that i can just go on with my daily life without worrying that i could be banned or reset at any time. So plz, if any moderators or anyone knows someone that can help me get this done and over with that would be great.plz?"


    "Activision Customer Support cannot reset or modify someones stats. if you violate the terms and conditions the correct action can and will be taken."


    1-800-225-6588 or activision.custhelp.com click the MW3 picture and get support. If you search for answer id 78709 or please reset my stats:


    "Activision will not reset your stats upon request. Please remember this when allowing friends to play on your profile. Also knowingly entering a hacked server may be grounds for a ban. Make sure not to accept game invites from people you don't know or trust.

    If you wish to reset your stats you can use a prestige token once you reach the 10th prestige level to reset your stats. This is the only way that you can reset your stats."


    This would apply to resetting things purchased with negative xp. I provided you the contact info if you don't believe me. Activision won't do nothing for you, just take your information.

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    Ever heard the saying.. "think before you act"??


    IMO anyone who gets banned for this deserves it. Quoting fourzerotwo like he owns Microsoft is insane. People still continue to post on Youtube that the developer "can't" - yes CAN'T- LOL - ban people for exploiting a glitch. The biggest problem is this community is too quick to believe people who have no authority or no real insight into the issues they talk about. You might get lucky since you only went -6. I would think they would be too busy with all the people who did it 200 times. But hey, I don't know this for sure. They may ban anyone who went negative. Not something I would know, I just know the surefire way to NOT get banned is to NOT DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.


    I seen it on Youtube, I laughed at it, didn't try it. Do you do everything you see on Youtube? Would be pretty dumb to watch a dumbest criminals video  then go attempt what they did right? So why'd you do it? That is basically what you did.

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    Good riddance. I have *ZERO* sympathy for cheaters. I could care less if it's the littlest cheat/glitch/exploit or a big one. They ruin the game for everyone, and I hate every last one of them.

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    well yes that would be dumb lol

    however I did not see it on youtube.

    My friend said he did it so i was curious how it was done and if it actually worked.

    So he walked me through it and obviously after the last step i noticed it did indeed work and i now had a -1 token.

    so for the heck of it i used come more to see if it would keep going negative, obviously it did.


    Keep in mind all im doing is explainging how i ended up doing the glitch, im not saying this means i shouldnt be punished lol. although obviously i would prefer for that not to happen, so naturally i will try to say what i must to try and make sure that doesnt happen. However obviously at this point in time its basically just me waiting. My only hope is that they are moderately quick about investigating reports of glitches. because if im not punished within a month and i start purchasing stuff and playing as though they just let me off the hook, and then after i spend all that money i get banned like 2 months later, then i will definitely be mad.


    that is why i wish i could just tell someone right now that i did it and they could check it out right then and there and decide my punishment.

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    Unfortunately that's not the way it works. You could try calling in or emailing with the information I provided above. They won't do anything but take your info but maybe that means someone looks into it quicker? I really don't know what they do from there.


    The analogy still basically means the same thing, you would jump off a bridge if your friend told you it was ok? This kind of thing you and your friend should know better.


    Terms are on page 7 of your instruction guide, playing the game assumes you agree to them. Read them, live them, believe there is consequences.

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    Exactly this.


    Far too many people ruin an online experience with their juvenile antics.


    One of a hanful of reasons that at the moment it's kind of going to the dogs.

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    No sympathy, no, no, no, just no. I for one, at one point in my life got so sick of all the little ass hats performing  glitches, mods, hacks "whatever", it almost made me want to give gaming up for good.


    Before you start ridiculing me, gaming has been a huge part of my life forever, so i feel i have the right to defend it in anyway i see fit. I pray to you jeebus where did it all go wrong?.

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    Poor Pete1555, sad thing is some poor sap will probably buy his xbox off of craigslist when he sells it not knowing better

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    Game breaking glitches such as the prestige token glitch should not even exist in a game.. perhaps mw3 was released too soon, way before it was ready (possibly becuase of the upcoming holiday season)


    banning people for a flaw that should not even exist, and is the developers fault shouldnt happen, and it wont. Why punish the player?


    and banning players or resetting them would cause a decline in playerbase, look at halo reach for example, they reset the majority of the community for a similar reason as the prestige token glitch, and they lost that majority of their players. Banning over half the community for doing a glitch would mean losing money.


    next time they should just wait until the game is ready to be released and work out all of the bugs.... exploits and glitches should not exist and nerfs should not be necassary.

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