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Stop the Madness

I figure this has gone on long enough...


Heres a few questions for yall


1. Since when did COD have a ethics code? What is this? Geneva Conventions? (For other teams)
It's a kill or be killed world. If I have a sniper and your at a close range, of course I'll barrel ram you or QS you. You want me to waste time and pull out my secondary so you can have a chance to hear/kill me?
Mad about it? Use explosives, use revenge - whatever floats your boat.


2. Would you stop blaming the developers?
a. Activision didn't make the game; they're the publisher. As in the salesman/women of a product. Though IW is a subsidery of Activision I think because of the lawsuit.
b. IW didn't make the MP, just the engine.
c. Raven studios did make the Multiplayer too. No one seems to remember them though their sign is in the game as a emblem.
d. Sledgehammer - being a fairly new studio - did a very good job with multiplayer(I'd like for you to get it right on your first try). It's almost like the "Noob and the Vet" game studios edition.


3. Why do you always blame every gun for being OP if you get killed with it twice?
Theres a lot of grey area between OP and useable, but please stop saying ever gun under the sun is OP.
This is appliable to every gun except the Type 95 and the FMG-9, which take little to no skill to use and be successful with and to my knowledge has been proven multiple times.


Oh, and Happy New Years for the East coast and the midwest! (and the rest of the world over -5 GMT)