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MW3 has become boring and unplayable, because of the spawns

Yes, I know this is thread #1,993,444 whining about spawns, but hear me out. I think this is a serious problem, to the point that it will absolutely kill the online community if it isn't fixed. MW2 had a lot of problems, but I was still able to play it for a solid 7 months or so before moving on to other games. With MW3, it's only two months later, and I just can't force myself to play the game anymore. And it's all because of the spawn system. When I'm playing, it seems like enemies are constantly spawning all around me. So either a guy spawns in front of me and I get an easy kill, or an enemy spawns behind me and gets an easy kill. The worst is when you kill someone, and they spawn three feet away from you and get payback. This, combined with the higher gun damage, makes for a tiring and frustrating experience. the only way to play this game is to constantly spin around 360 degrees and hope you'll get all the enemies that spawn close to you.


This is a problem for two reasons. First, when I'm spawned it should be as far away from an enemy as possible. I can't count how many times I've spawned and been killed a millisecond later because I was spawned in enemy territory (or worse, right in front of an enemy). Second, there is no flow to a game if enemies are constantly spawning around each other. The worst part of all this is, it has to be intentional. They must have decided that it speeds up the game to spawn enemies close to each other, there is just no way this was an accident. Well, it does speed things up. I feel like I'm in a meat grinder. But it just gets so old so fast. I'm not a pro, but I'm a little bit better than average. i can't imagine how frustrating this game must be to lesser skilled players. Even the best player is going to get killed cheaply frequently because an enemy spawned close to him.


So I recently hit the breaking point. I put in MW3, and it just feels like such a fast random spawn-die-spawn sequence, over and over. I 'll have some good games, and even get 8-9 killstreaks. But overall, I just have way too many cheap deaths because of the spawn system. At least in MW2, you were generally spawned away from an enemy, and you could try to flank if some idiot was OMA tubing somewhere. In MW3, it really does feel like they try to spawn both teams close to each other. It's just retarded.


So there's just no flow to the game. It's a constant flurry of random spawns and deaths, exacerbated by the higher gun damage. It becomes tiring, frustrating and boring quickly. I normally hate it when someone posts a "Goodbye everyone I'm never playing this game again!!!!" thread, and that's not exactly what I'm doing here. I've been playing COD obsessively since COD4, and enjoyed every game for the most part. MW3 has had some really fun moments, but the overall experience has become such a frustrating grind that I absolutely can't play it now. I'm not saying I'm done with it forever, but I may have to wait until something has been done abot the spawns. For now, when I play it I just don't have fun. No other COD became so unplayable so fast for me.

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    They can't fix the spawns on most maps because they are so damn small!!  I 100% agree with you!  When I play MW3, I can only play for an hour or so because I get so upset at the constant/die by spawn problems.  My clan put in MW2 last night and we honestly had a great time last night even if we lost.  I get killed by getting shot in the ass every 30 seconds from enemies being spawned right behind me in MW3.  This is in stark contrast to what we had last night on MW2...in 6 hours of playing on MW2, I didn't get spawned shot in the ass once.  It was so refreshing that I don't think i'll play MW3 again until they release the DLC.

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      Yeah, MW2 spawns were just fine. Of all the problems that game had, spawns were just fine. I died from a lot of cheap deaths in that game too, but it was never because an enemy spawned right behind me. So I was still able to play that game for several months and have fun. MW3 at this point is just unplayable. I can't bring myself to put the disc in and play it anymore. I hope they fix the spawns soon.

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    The only problem with MW2's spawn system was that it had a bad revenge spawn system and on some maps, it was so easy to trap players in their spawn. i.e. Terminal.


    MW3's spawn system behaves like any small map. Hell, Shipment can pull of a better and safer spawn than any MW3 map. It is just insane that even on Village, enemies spawn behind me.