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realy infinityward

You guys do know you are sapose to review the games before shiping them out to stores right?i have found so many issues with mw3 and it upsets me that you guys arre becomine as bad as 3arc.1:the riot shield is way to shity your not sapose to die fro a nade a few feet infront of you with full helth with the riot sheild...the spawning is shitty as hell.sepc ops is great but gets boring after a while you guys should add things to make it for for more then a few hours.a few things i need clarifaction on is why does the m16 have rapid fire if when its equiped it still is three round burst?why wont you guys fix the riot sheild and assassian has alot of perks and assassian pro put them both togeather and you have like eight benifits.why would you make one perk way more superior then all the other?