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Map packs and elite questions but not the usual are we getting it first bs some questions not asked b4

Ok here goes,


My son has bought the elite but I havnt, now with all other map packs you just needed to purchase them once on one account and every one on the same ps3 could play them,


But seeing as they want every one to buy them do u think when they come out for elite they will create elite only lobbies stopping any one who isn't elite playing them for the first month or what ever time in between them being out for normal ps3 players??


Or maybe even keep it perminantly  like that to force none elite players to buy them again, so for my household I would be forced to buy the maps again everytime they come out, :-( hope not lol because they will not get a penny more out of me if that's the case and I will most surely never buy a cod title again, and that's not a moan or groan its just a fact of life


I'm not trying to start a flame war or anything it's just a thought I had and have been wondering for a while now, what do u people think will happen when they get released to elite???