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Why punish good players?

The attack helicopter is OP like mad and it goes for the best player which is avaliable... take this senerio; One person has 1,000 points, the other has 900 points. The attack helicopter will go for the guy with 1,000 points, if he's not avaliable, it'll go for the next best player.


Soloution? Make it random!


Dead mans hand and final stand are so damn anoying, martydom I can live with... I'm a shotgun user so dead mans hand punishes me for doing well.

And final stand... when a guy is killed and falls down into it and kills me, not only does he have the ability to get up again but a teammate can kill him resulting in me gaining an assist.

How does a death streak help anyone?


I just went against a team of awful players, but there was this one guy who had final stand, he died constantly, I killed him twice but my team mate got the final bullet which meant all my hard work qent to waste... it's as if it's a perk for them.

This is complete BS, how can anyone have any dignity crawling along the floor like a complete amature, I use juiced as that's the only self respecting death streak there is.


Why pubish good players?

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