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  • 15. Re: Why punish good players?

    Oh no, upset because you may get killed by the attack chopper because you don't want to carry a stinger? That's the risk you run when you decide not to carry a stinger or run blind eye. Should the chopper go for closest people not protected, sure, but that's not really here nor there. If you do well, you become a "high value target" which is pretty fair if you ask me, and I am typically on the top or upper half of the leaderboard. Difference is, I'll usually have a rocket on my back to take out threats like that.

  • 16. Re: Why punish good players?

    The chopper is actually programmed to go after players based on - (the variables are actually placed in order.)


    1. The closest player to the chopper

    2. A player who has shot at harmed or is aiming with a SWAW or Stinger at the chopper.

    3. The players closest to reach a high pointstreak.


    When moving around it constantly runs through those 3 parameters to decide which player to aim at. Therefore it is not wise to just shoot a few bullets at the chopper unless you actually have the intention to take it down with say an LMG.


    It is true that the chopper was going after players based on K/d ratio in CoD4 so therefore the belief that is still does so is widley spread. However, that variable was cut out in MW2 already and the above 3 variables are true for MW3 *.


    * Based on data derived from PS3 disc of MW3.

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    No, it is actually programmed to go for the top player. If the top player is under cover or using blindeye then it'll go for the second top player and so on. I'm not sure about black ops but the one in MW2 did the same too(it's a lil bit smarter than the harriers!)

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    Video proof to support this Hypothesis?

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    OP can not prove it. The variables I published on how the chopper is behaving in the multiplayer game is correct (and can probably be found elsewhere by other publishers of in-game stats if you google). Me and my friends prefer to verify the stats on our own though.


    Goofs Trivia:

    Sometimes it looks like the chopper is doing some evasing manouver. It has nothing o do with the player having the chopper in say his Javelin Crosshairs. When the chopper has run the 3 parameters x amount of times and cannot find someone to shoot at it will move approx 20 meters making a hard turn to either left or right depending on its position on the map. That is why sometimes the Javelin (and even the Stinger at times) misses the chopper.

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    I like how the guy just randomly mentions he's a shotgun user even though it's not relevant or provides any insight into the topic at hand. You like bragging about how you're so good because you use shotungs?

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    i guess, but its awesome to know that your lil rocket lauchers lowers your mobility down possibly 50% or less, due to it being so big ^____^


    not to mention, you have to find new weapons, cause no scavanger, and your secondary sucks cause it only hits air supports (unless its javelin or sometin) not to mention that big rocket sticks out like a sore thumb....with a colored condom wrapped around it, which makes it easier for people to see you, and if you specialist package to counter all that, thats kewl, but then you can't enjoy the game for all its other glory's, like pred missles, support carepackage, , can't walk the dog.... ^______^

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    i also feel like predator missiles begin ovewr the top player..lol i play FFA and im always winning, andf when i hear a predator missile being deployed, i pretty much know its coming for me..works every time...lol so annoying ....and yes final stand is annoyong b/c also that split second they are falling, they are immune to bullet damage and noone realizes that...if ur a quick and very accurate player, u notice all the flaws in gunfights

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    If this is true, then I'll have some fun fooling the enemy chopper.

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    I find it very hard to believe the attack helicopter goes after the top players. I've been the top player countless times, I evade those choppers with a nice mixture of duck, run and jump then I flop out ye old stinger or such alike and blast it out of the sky.

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