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Army _of _Gods Now Recruiting for Xbox- Custom Title and Emblem!!!

I am a founder and own this clan. You don't need a certain k/d or any crap like that. All you need to join is to be at least prestige 1, WE MAKE EXCEPTIONS THOUGH. Right now there is a total of 15 members in the clan but that number is rapidly growing. We have a very friendly envirment.


Why do you want to join?


>>Gamers around the world to ensure your not alone

>>Daily lobbies

>>A chat room on our website

>>Competitive and non-competetive members

>>Active Forums on website

>>Tournaments that we enter in

>>Sunday Night Game nights to meet new clan members

>>Dedicated Admins and moderators

>>And Much, Much More!!!


What can you do to join?


>>Reply to this post

>>Check us out on facebook

>>Check us out on Twitter

>>Email our dedicated admins

>>Register on our website

>>Msg awesomcatkiller or Rjflame









Hope to see you soon!

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