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Are you looking for a clan? ~TSG~ (PS3)

TSG - Top Squad Generals


Top Squad Generals are now recruiting we are a small clan looking to grow. There are currently no requirements to join the clan mainly because we just want some members right now. So if you are interested please post here, and I will let you know a little bit about me. I am 3rd Prestige, With a 1.2 K/D. I am on almost every day for hours at a time after work. We love to have fun, and play, and socialize.


If you wanna join:

  • We play Daily
  • We Enjoy talking
  • We love killing
  • And most of all - We joke around, and talk fun smack.

Game Types we mainly Play:

  1. Ground War
  2. Domination - Regular/Hardcore
  3. Team Deathmatch
  4. Kill Confirmed
  5. Search and Destroy


Current Members:

  1. Trassml (Me)
  2. Kimbua69
  3. xXnAsTyShOotErXx
  5. OSOKxZLAUBx420
  6. rusty468
  7. Scrubanub
  8. Whosey24 (Founder)
  9. Panicsaurus
  10. Pure-Shooter123
  11. Xo-BeKaH-oX
  12. Kickinupmud4X4
  13. PackMan473
  14. CptBeardFace (Founder)
  15. MaceStun
  16. X-DeadlyBlade-X
  17. MattiCavi
  18. CaptainBubbleBoy
  19. RagequitReunited
  20. GERblob
  21. Calpoop2
  22. KH3N98


Your Name will beAdded as soon as you join . Thanks guys.




If You cannot post a reply:


Sign up on our Clan website, or Send me a Message on PSN, and We will Invite you As soon as we get it.


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