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The Knife


Please leave this thread if you have a closed mind.


Knife: People complain about me so many times. According to forums, I should not be instant kill, and my lunge is ridiculous. I run through bullets and take the easy kill.


Actually, the knife isn't as strong as you think. Even iPwnstar4Hire says the knives in MW3 are broken and need to be boosted a bit.


See the thing is, people hate getting killed by the knife. It's just a psychological thing. They don't mind dying 1000 times to assault rifles and sub machine guns, but hate getting kill 100 times by the knife because they know they have been defeated by a weapon with a very small radius. In fact it's hard to die by this thing generally, because people aren't normally able to get close enough for a knife kill, no matter how screwed up the spawn system in this game is. A gun takes around 3-5 bullets to kill, due to MW3 putting stopping power in every gun. It would be easy enough to take out someone going for the knife kill in this game, unlike Black Ops (IMO the best cod ever and most knife friendly). Getting killed by the knife is like getting killed by a quickscoper. People don't get killed by them much, but when they do, they feel humiliated beyond belief.


Here's something to try, check how many times you have been killed by the knife compared to something like the Type 95, or any gun for that matter. I see a major differernce. People don't get killed by it repeatedly. The humiliation value of it makes it seem like that.


When running straight at someone, it's not very likely you will get the knife kill, for you will run out of stamina or they will gun you down. The guns in MW3 kill so fast that it's hard to just rush in and take someone out. You have to be lucky.


Two scenarios: A) You rush them, take 2-3 bullets, and still get the knife kill.

B) You rush them, but you still die.


In scenario A, it requires a certain playstyle, you almost HAVE TO be playing knife only, as you will run out of stamina too quickly without Extreme Conditioning and the primary USAS 12 (it increases sprint distance). You have to go for it, not just something out of panic. When two people go into a room, the person with his tac knife will defeat any "panic knifer" with his primary out.

In scenario B, the shooter will be a decent player, and the game will flow according to how the developers made it to be.


But what about knife monkeys? Knife monkeys, if you don't know, are people who use the knife as their primary weapon. They are equipped with the throwing knife, Assassin to be as stealthy as possible, and Extreme Conditioning. These people are not common, and taking part in this class is a difficult feat.




I'm what people would call a "knife monkey". I only knife. It brings more satisfaction that those who use guns. Now look at the stats of the knife. It may be an instant kill, but how many times have you been actually killed with it compared to any gun in the game?


Strategy plays a big role in call of duty. Take for example my situation. Let's say someone uses the "oh-so-powerful" Type 95. It takes to bullets to kill, but you have to be on the upper torso or chest. Normally, the Type 95 user will have to play using a certain defensive playstyle due to the lower rate of fire than assault rifles. Now, every building in MW3 has multiple routes inside. Supposing there's two routes, he would have at least a claymore or bouncing betty on one door and a motion sensor in the room. Now, using tactics, someone like me can be stealthy and infiltrate the room with Assassin Pro. I might go prone under the bouncing betty if needed. By the time he notices I'm there, I can get a nice knife kill on him.



On the other hand, supposing I'm not using my head and only my instincts, any enemy might have a clear line of sight to me. Despite what any of your fears of the MW3 "commando lunge" none of the weapons have a greater lunge. Tested by me, neither the tactical knife or Akimbo USPs give an increased knife lunge range. The "lunge" is about the same for all guns. But it's not significant. In order to be close enough to knife an enemy, you have to be within a range where you are almost right next to him *obviously*. Unlike Black Ops, there is no increased hitbox for the knife, so it brings more of a challenge. If the knifer had used less mentla activity than the gunner, the gunner would have mode the knifer down by the time he even got close. If the knifer was smart, due to the lack of unlimited sprint as in other "call of duty" games, he should have hid somewhere to regain all his stamina, and then rush the side or back of the gunner. The gunner might get one or two shots off, but wasn't using enough mental activity to stun or aim down sight possible flank routes.


In the result of a chasedown, the knifer is in a very compromised position. The enemy he's chasing might not notice him, but they might be sprinting at the same speed eventually, even if the knifer was using Extreme Conditioning and equipped a USAS 12 (it increases the sprint distance). The knifer has 2 options. Either throw a throwing knife, or chase him down. Each possibility comes with two consequences. If he were to chase him down until he knifes him, there is a high chance of his teammate just happening to pass by and take the knifer out. The throwing knife might seem like a better option, but unlike the Tomahawk in Black Ops, the Throwing Knife is NOT silent, and you cannot carry two at once (like Warlord Pro). The hit detection for the Throwing knife is a lot smaller than that of the Tomahawk. It doesn't have an aimbotlike feature or bounce around walls as cleanly. It can go through the gunners legs or underarms. In the event of a miss, it is almost a guaranteed death. When the throwing knife hits the ground or object, it makes a distinct, LOUD, clink. No one needs a headset to hear this. Even a "christmas noob" will spin around due to that strange noise. The gunner gets an easy kill, and a humiliated knifer. There is a chance of stunning the enemy and then chasing him down, but you might stun yourself, and unless your close enough, the gunner might have enough time to turn around and catch you.


Quick Tip: For all you gunners, before you complain why you shot 2-3 bullets into the enemies chest and got lunged "from a mile away", ask yourself this. Is there any way I could have prevented this from happening? Maybe aim down sights the area where the knifer came from or stun that route. Why didn't you knife also?


Panic Knifing: Panic knifing is something that Call of Duty players say when someone enters the room and the other person gets so scared he jams his thumb down on the knife button and gets a kill. Personally, although I don't see too much problem in this, I have to see where people are getting at here. Why should someone get rewarded for being scared.


On the other hand, why should knifers get hated on for being prepared? We already have our tactical knife out, ready for anything, so why should you call a quick knife with it a panic knife?





Solution: I think that I can work out a compromise. Call of Duty's future should have this idea where it can satisfy all players, gunners and knifers alike. When people have their primary weapon out, the knife that is whipped out would have less strength. It would only do about have damage. When people are prepared for battle with their knife such as entering the room with the tactical knife or some new ballistic knife, it should be instant kill and they should even give them more lunge to make it realistic. I mean, in real life, if you had a knife, wouldn't you dolphin dive into the enemy just stab him? You wouldn't simply sidestep and kill him. And before you say that an instant kill knife is not realistic, since when was almost no recoil and instant teleporting bullets realistic?


Summary: Knifing can be utilized as a playstyle and should be respected for it. The knife can only be a respectable tool by the community when everyone who uses their primary guns doesn't gain the same damage for the knife as people who are ready with the knife.

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    As a playstyle fine but when the problem is that you shoudln't be able to 1 hit from the front, people just lunge at extreme distances (cannot be denied) especially with a Tac Knife. Today I was lunged from the base of a staircase to the top. What the hell? Why is that possible, as long as the Lunge is in the game knifers aren't really skilled. The only fix would be:


    Remove lunge and make it a slash.

    2 hits to the front without prior damage

    1 hit to the back


    Thats how the knfie should be, you guys get hate because commando lunges you through bullets in order to kill the enemy and thats just rediculous.

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    There are two directions to go with the knife.  The first is mentioned above as a 2 hit kill to anywhere other than the back and a 1 hit kill to the back.  The second direction to take is to make the knife an assassination only weapon such that it can only be used to an opponents back and there could be a brief kill animation. 


    Either one of these would be an improvement to the game and continue to move the franchise forward.  Leaving the knife as-is for another generation would be a mistake.  It really should have been fixed in this game but for whatever reason they decided to keep it.