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Theater Mode Problems and Suggestions(for MW3)

here is the main problem that ive having with theater in MW3:

1. any clips(not full games, clips from a game) always show a freeze frame of the last second and never play the full clip.(all clips i created before this started happening plays fully)


suggestions to make theater mode better:

1. you should be able to bring up the scoreboard ANY time during a replay(excluding during killcams and intermissions)

2. you should be able to spectate ANY player in the game in first person, like in black ops

3. the third person camera angle is HORRIBLE, make it like third person shoulder view

4. bring the Toggle HUD button back.

5.when i render a video to upload to Theater.callofduty.com it brings me to the elite page so how am i supposed to watch my rendered and uploaded clips now?

6.i have 24 slots in my File Share/Vault(and COD elite) but whenever my friends go to view my File Share/Vault it only shows them the first 8 slots(they dont have elite but im saying if you view the File Share/Vault of a player who has COD Elite and 24 slots it should show that person all 24 of your slots)

7. BRING THE DOLLY CAM BACK(that was fun to experiment with, and it was good for people who liked to make montages and upload them to youtube)(maybe you could even make it better)

8. Bring Back Community Clips so you can see other peoples clips again.(if you wanted too)

9.Bring Back Theater Mode Lobby's, where you can watch your or your friends clips with a friend.


also heres something totally irrevalent to theater but is another complaint about MW3 that i have:

GRENADES ARE TOO WEAK(i call them the hitmarker),YOU NEED TO UP THE GRENADE DAMAGE TO WHAT THE BLACK OPS DAMAGE WAS.(frag and semtex, not noobtubes)