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VOPS is a 18+ Clan


My PSN is DJMINDFUQ203 please feel free in adding my PSN if your interested in joining.





VOPS was created with a view to recruiting mature gamers of all abilities.



We don't operate in the same way as most other clans; you can be yourself and play the way you like. We come from all over the world and have players on at all times of the day. You are not forced into combat training and you do not have to have a particular k/d ratio to become a member - VOPS is all about having fun with a growing gaming community.



We are a mainly Elite based clan that once Clan Operations and challenges open up we will be highly involved.

We also have players that play all game modes and we have a Quickscoping team in place with a Gamebattles Euro and US team.



Once you join our clan you will see that we love to play with each other and have tons of laughs.



However, we do have a few rules and by joining VOPS you have agreed to abide by the following:



You must...

1) Be over 18 and be able to speak good English

2) Register on our forum

3) Make an introductory post about yourself in the 'introduce yourself to the clan' section

4) Remain active on both the forum as well as the game

5) Have a mic and use it - Objective games in particular require communication and if you can't communicate you can't help your team in gaining the objective.

6) Wear the VOPS clan tag at all times



You must not...

1) Be registered with another clan

2) Wear another clan's tags

3) Hack or take advantage of glitches – this carries an instant ban from VOPS.

On that note please go to www.vengefulops.com and Introduce yourself.

  • Re: VOPS is a 18+ Clan

    Still looking for clan members. We just went over level 15 in our Clan on Elite.....


    We are all waiting on Clan Ops to open which wont happen for a little while but till then we do have GB games and our inter clan battle called King of the Hill Competitions.


    We are all very active members from all across the globe so there is always someone to party up with.