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"You're always welcome to contact @Fourzerotwo when you've exhausted your forum PM contacts." Oh Foxy, Foxy, Foxy, Foxy, do you not know????

So here's the thread I put up trying to name and shame glitchers/boosters. Locked by Foxhound, fair enough, as much as I disagree with it, fair enough, policy and all that. Grand.    http://www.callofduty.com/message/205267092#205267092



But, then you had to go and spoil it all, by saying something stupid like "Your welcome to contact @Fourzerotwo when you've exhausted your forum PM contacts".



Please don't insult my intelligence by sending me in the direction of that clown. If you know him personnally, why don't you call him out on his incompetencies? I work in construction, if I can't have an answer for my boss I get yelled at, If I continually don't give an answer, I'd be sacked in 2 seconds. How Bowling still has a job is beyond me. Seriously, for someone whose so bad at their job he makes it look so easy to be terrible.



Oh, and what is a "Creative Startegist" anyways? Why did Acti change his title from "Community Manager" during MW2, is it becasue he was a horriffic CM? Yes. It. Is.



So, we as a community, all 20 million of us, have to rely on this fool to not only "hope and pray" that he even reads our tweets or messages, he's never ever on the forums in any capacity, other than to put up Patch notes, 2 months after the patch comes out. Will he see this thread? Of course not, he has no interest in actually helping us out.



So many lies pre-launch, so many lies since, heres one of his recent tweets:




"At American Museum of Natural History and there isn't a single exhibit on aliens. The History Channel has lied to me for the last time!"



I mean, are you freaking kidding me? And its ok for you to lie to millions on a daily basis but if the History Channel does it, how dare they! Bowling your so sad. At least now you may realise what its like to be lied too about something you have an interest in.



I respect Foxy, Ghandi, Beachhead, cos they're here, on the frontlines, but Bowling is our Public Enemy No. 1. He's such a let down.



I've tweeted him politley for years, never got a responce, more legit mesages, tweets, no answer, he'd rather tweet about Ducking To Avoid Betties, or Support Streaks not resetting, WE KNOW ALL THIS. Let us know your fixing the game, banning the cheats, hearing us out, not ignoring us ALL, EVERY DAY. DO your job that your probably paid an insane amount of our money to do wrong right now. Get the Finger out Bowling. JD2020 pisses all over your "ability". At least he had a brain, a sense of humour and an interest in what he was doing.



Rant Over. Phew. Flame Away, although, how you can defend 402 is beyond me. He has No defence.



And apparently, 11 paragraphs is a wall of text these days, so I've double spaced the paragrahs for the benefit of people with little or no interest in reading actual posts, not just the first line and then lose interest cos it seems people don't like using their brain power on this forum.