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Mi$T Clan (PS3) ALL ARE WELCOME (Founders with Clan XP)


Hello COD Community !! The Mi$T clan is open for any one Think of it as a Public Elite Clan

So tell your friends Also i Have Founder Status If that means anything Special, so lets Take this clan together to

The Top No Trolling please lets keep this a nice fourm discussion i am not forcing u to join the clan


CLAN PAGE (leave comment on page for faster invite)




We Our planning To Go for Gold Clan TAG ( with everyone help)

Plenty Of Space And Feel Free to Invite Friends No Matter what level or KD

I Will Respond Within 24 Hours

When we reach a 100 members there will Be a Tournament For Real Prizes ($$$)

When we reach Gold Clan TAG there will Also Be a Tournament ($$$) & more Tournaments in Future!!!!




IF You Are A Founder with Clan XP And You Choose To Join This Clan.

You will never be Kicked From Clan

You Will Be A Co-Clan FOUNDER and will be able to help decide on Important Decisions( Clan Motto, Tourney Prizes, Clan Emblem )


     Even If you Used up Your Clan XP For Founders Feel Free To Join


                                                  **TOGETHER TO THE TOP**

If you have commented and Have not got Elite invite i will pm and i will resend

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