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Placement of Gamertag  End this one now....LOL

I was thinking, it would be great if you had the option for gamertags to appear under the player rather than above their heads.  I hate it when I can't see past a player because of their tag.  I have my settings to abbreveated and would set them to rank only, but then I couldn't call out their names if I need to give direction.

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    Hence my gamertag "Ak Sly" is nice and short (consideration for others). And the "a" make me first to be invited by friends - don't I feel loved!


    Not sure what to suggest though as I don't know your personality, gaming style etc...


    Can I suggest though, nothing with -"iPro", "sNiipeZz" or similar... people with "pro"" in their name rarely are, and people "snipes" usually use a noob tube

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    I don't think he's looking for gamertag suggestions, I think he's giving them. I wish I could turn gamertags completely off, I know the sides by the way people look anyways.

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    I like my tag SHANKUPOTOMUS, I was refering to where the name is displayed.  I can just imagine how hard it is to see past.  If the names were under the player it would be easier than above the player.  There is nothing to see under the  player that would hinder your view.

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    Ah ok... excuse my reading of it...


    I like under the player

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    It's ok haha I was about to start giving suggestions too but I try to re-read all posts before I reply.


    Under the player would be a nice compromise, would make seeing equipment the problem but I would rather run over a bouncing betty than get sniped just because someone's gigantic name (no offense OP) is in the way.


    Maybe just a green triangle or something above their head or on their body would be nice. (Battlefield seemed to get this right, I never have obstructing names, but that is also assisted by how large the maps are)

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    I think it is a good idea, obviously.  It just needs to catch on.  Maybe you could have a choice where it is in game.  I would pick abbreviated and under the player.

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    It annoys me too.


    I'd like to see another abbreviated along the lines Halo did it.  A unique callsign.  The clan tag is cute for little kids who feel they need to belong, but a callsign is actually useful in the game.

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    This is why I would like to keep this up on the board.

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    What about xxXjUgg5m4n98Xxx cool...no? Would look great in you 20s and 30s as well ;) /scarcasm


    PS: close not for the author of the 402 Open letter...more for some of your readers.. we bothknow what I mean ;) enjoy your day.

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