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Lag Comp NOT DELT WITH! Nerf FMG9's and Type-95!


I would have thought that this issue would have been completely fixed by now, but the temporary fixes you have done still do not help my game play what so ever..

I should not have to use a ppm9 or p90 or else a type 95 to kill someone, or else fmg9's.

I still go into every lobby with at least two people i shoot and my shots do not register, i shoot on my kill cam and on theirs i never did shoot once.. how can any player with any experience deal with this ridiculous lag, when you have no chance at all to gunfight.

I have 11 days of time on my account and i have been very pacient in waiting for a fix.. i literally want to punch a wall after some games when people run out with fmg9's and mk14's and destory you while others you have lag comp and your shots do almost nothing and they teleport all around you..


This is me raging and i wonder how many people are dealing with the same thing i am... I have road runner im not using some wal-mart connection.


I do not want any complaints how bad my spelling is or grammar, because i have gotten much feedback from people i know how bad it is.

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