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We will never see this.

This. It will never be seen.


And no, not just strictly about the topic that developer was on. ANY TOPIC will never be discussed directly with the developers. Vahn was the last person to do that and he didn't meet up to expectations in some areas.


Do I hope I am wrong? Yes.

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    Have you seen his twitter and posts on the BO forums as of late? KNIFE feedback thread, hes answering questions about the game before its out, what systems we would like to see, how they can make gameplay better for us etc. Hes not going into massive detail like the post you linked us to but how can he? The game hasn't even been announced directly yet.

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    I didn't know you used Reddit.


    Anyway, it seems like the developers have been getting more and more interactive each time, but Treyarch seems to be leading a lot now. Vahn hasn't stopped spamming my Twitter feed with discussion, and allegedly he's active on the Black Ops forums too, but I don't visit there.


    Maybe on the next CoD we will get this level of discussion