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*Noof* *Recruiting Everyone* FUN Xbox 360 Clan*

:"Noof" Recruiting[Xbox 360]


Whats Noof?, you may ask: Well Noof is i clan i just started made to have fun and do whatever we want in MW3. Noof really doesnt mean anything, but you know what it sounds cool and thats all that matters

We accept everyone and are always welcoming new members. Since the clan is just getting started the few members will be given higher ranks such as co leader and such. My GT is :MustafaHadaking, i mainly just fool around in MW3.



- Age Limit/s: NONE, but would rather have you to be Mature

- Times we play: When You Play, or mostly anytime

- Microphone: Not Required

- Stat Requirements: KDR over 0.00!

- Preferred Game Mode: Kill Confirmed, TDM, Domination, Ground War, S&D, and many others.

- Who to contact: Reply here, or message me on Xbox. GT : MustafaHadaKing


What We Do-

Snipe/ Quick Scope

Knife Only

Trick Shots


Riot Shield

Anything that seems fun


Why Join Noof?


Noof is the best clan for just trying to have a good time. Here at noof we don't worry about stats and just do what seems the most fun! If your trying to get into a competitive clan, then this clan just isn't the clan for you.


Hope you will join us!