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So what if its OVERPOWERED!


I am so sick of people saying gun such as the Type 95, stiker, and UMP are over powered. Its a game and you could use it too. What do you think?

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    Considering how quickly every gun kills in this game I find it funny anyone is able to tell if one gun is overpowered.

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    Non of these guns are overpowered, why? Because the Striker is only good at close range so if you're using, say, the Type95 you have a distinct advantage. The Type95 is a med-long range weapon so if you're using the the Striker to get in close as long as that guy is on you're screen you're going to kill him in 1-2 shots. As far as the UMP goes, I hate that gun and don't understand why anyone could possibly think it's remotely OP

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    Guns are called overpowered way too quickly. Overpowered should mean overpowered, but in this game people seem to think a "good gun" is overpowered. Look at the grenade launcher in mw2, any starter could pick it up and get kills with it, that's overpowered. The type 95, Striker etc. all require some kind of accuracy to do good with it. And about the UMP, people calling that OP are crazy, the P90, pp90m1, MP7 are all better SMG's with more accuracy and a higher rate of fire.

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    Most guns have their advantages and disadvantages that can be overcome in the game so, as said, saying one gun is OP over ALL the others isn't really true. 


    And for people complaining about shotgun distance, well, you'd be surprised at how far some shotguns can be effective at; the standard buckshots alone can be effective up to 75 yards (225 feet). Other lengths are dependent on the type of ammo and their traits (weight, size, etc), but for standard buckshot rounds, it seems being killed "from 100 feet away" will usually be well within a shotgun's effective distance, lol.

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    i HATE the barrett .50 and think thats over powered! lol i know its a .50 and a .50 should b 1sk everytime but i just hate how many ppl use it with a acog and tap the trigger away like its a AR. and while on the over powered topic, how about under powered like the M16 and i dont use them but have picked them up in games dont know what ones but the LMG's seem to have as much power as a AR but a slower rate of fire any1 agree on that?