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Detailed guide to the PP90M1!

Yep, this is my first weapon guide. In the video below, I cover many things relating to this weapon and test several features such as proficiencies and and damage over range. However, I can summarise with 3 main tips for success with this weapon:


1) Stick to CQC. Seriously, all other factors controlled, this weapon is very difficult to defeat in close quarters, it has the highest RoF of all the SMGs and one of the quickest kill-times of all weapons. It can be used in larger maps; you just need to manoeuvre tactically, using cover and weaving in and out of buildings  to limit your exposure to mid-long range combat.



2) Use Range proficiency. Best proficiency for this weapon, in my opinion. As you can see in the video, it greatly increases the effective range for this weapon, helping you rack up 3-bullet kills more often. This greater versatility is especially useful on larger maps.



3) Be quick. This weapon has the slowest reload time of all the SMGs. On top of this, it also has the slowest raise time. So I recommend using perks that speed up the process of lifting/aiming your weapon, such as Sleight of Hand pro, Steady Aim pro and Quickdraw Pro. These perks also have other benefits that greatly enhance the effectiveness of this weapon.




Please share your tips

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    Matador...thx for an excellent guide.


    The gamer is a dedi AR user but has just tried SMGs through the latter part of my last prestige.


    I found a dramatic increase in my kd and general game performance using SmGs and in particular I found this weapon lots of fun to use.


    Prior to trying the SMGs I was playing a mid distance game using ARs as this has been a successful play style for me in pass CoDs. But I discovered that a close quarters, highly mobile game with SMG to be far more effective on these maps for me.


    No mystery here given the popularity, wall of lead and range use of SG and FMGs in Mw3. I don't like using this as they seem a little cheap and boring for me, so the SMG is a sound option.


    I found your guide to be informative and based on the facts determined by your demonstrations. I love this style of guide (I am a Woody sub btw). The quality if the vid was quite good, your voice over style nice and  clear and your narrative well thought out and delivered.


    Do you plan to produce more guides? If so I will sub.


    Happy New Year to you and Family.



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      Thanks for the positive words, man


      Yes, the mobility is one of the best things about SMGs. I feel sooo slow when I use assault rifles now, lol. With the PP90 it is great to just run around mow people down. Great fun and as you said, highly successful because there are lots of tight regions and CQC areas in this game's maps. What is your usual class set-up?


      I will definitely be producing more weapon guides, since this one has received general approval. The weapon I choose to examine next will be the most popular option voted. I am also going to be doing guides to game modes and maps. I've already done a couple for FFA.


      And a happy new year to you too, gallp13

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    awesome guide thank you

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    Great guide, can't wait for the next one!

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    It's my favorite smg, but I have to say, if you're a run and gunner (chances are you are if you're using an SMG), know the limits of the weapon and don't expect it to be good at range, forego range for attachments and do rapid fire & extended mags. This weapon has EXCELLENT hipfire spread even without steady aim, and with steady aim it's even better. I get longshots hipfiring it all the time. You can even out gun a quickscoper.

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    Thanks for the kind words misters XBLBAshes, nellys and otisman66 If you want another weapon guide, please tell me what weapon you would like to see.


    Mister Santa, you are right that we need to know the weapon's limitations and play to its strengths, I completely agree with that. However, as you can see in the video, the range at which the damage drops off is very small for this weapon, so even in close range, it may take 4-5 bullets to kill with a normal PP90. But with Range it will only take 3 bullets. Besides, I think that the weapon has a high enough RoF at 1000, any more just burns through ammo quickly and makes sleight of hand a crutch.

    Still though, I will try out that class my friend, and tell you what I find Glad it's working well for you.

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    Personally Im a PM9 rapid fire kind of guy, the higher fire rate (like 1400 rpm!) and similar damage seem to give it a slight edge over the pp90 if you can controll the massive recoil.  And it just reels specialer than the more widely used pp90.  Id encourage people to try it if theyre up to a challenge.

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    Great guide and tips, thanks for putting it together.

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    Thanks for the guide ElMatadorY

    I haven't tried this gun yet, but will give it a crack tonight and see I end up with it.


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    How to use a PP90.


    -Slap it on a class.


    -Use it.



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    Good job with the video, you covered all of the important information more or less as needed.


    As of my thoughts on the weapon itself, its a close range spraying machine, sights raised or otherwise. Its recoil follows what I've nicknamed to be a 'cone of death' in that it stays roughly centered. Some rounds will go too high, others too low, more misses to the left and right, but there will always be rounds that stay in the center.


    In other words, raising sights behaves as if all they've really done is let you hipfire just with a narrower spread. As far as tactics are concerned, all that means is that you can afford to spray only vaguely at the target either way. Because this weapon's DPS is so high within optimum range, don't even concern yourself with being precise. Just hose the target down if he's close enough, or close the distance if he isn't.


    To be perfectly frank, question yourself very deeply about why you shouldn't just adopt the same tactics with an akimbo instead.

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    another great guide! On the 'troll' class how come you only have 2 killstreaks selected? uav & cuav