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How to make the game better


some ideas how to make this game more fun to play.


1. Have split screeners play against split screeners. I am sure this will help with game lag and stop as many people running around the maps holding hands so they can kill you when you kill the fellow split screener.


2.Please fix this darn lag. If i play with a friend who has high speed fios I lag, like at least 1second behind gameplay. In other games it feels like i get the lag compensation. Just make it consistent.


3.Balance the weapons a little more fairly. Shotguns are worthless. Tubes are worthless as are most launchers and rpg's. The game is called modern warfare, most deaths in warfare come from explosions. At least add a little extra damage to the above weapons. I dont care if they are for noobs, when half the team camps in a building and you shoot a rpg through the window to clear them out at least 1 person would die, getting hit markers is stupid.


4.Spawns, man fix the spawn system. The amount of times people spawn beside me or behind me is crazy. I.E. Dome if your in the main building, people spawn in the room behind you.


5.Hip fire. Have any of you guys ever been to a shooting range and tried to hip fire at a target more than 20 yards away? Please go try it. tell me how many bullets you get on target. No task force in the world hip fires if it can avoid doing so. Exceptions, shot guns AT close range, and light machine guns as thats how they are held when fired. getting hip fired from a SMG at 30yrds away is annoying to say the least.


6.Quick scoping, I never played black ops but i heard it was more realistic for sniping than the joke this game is. Again have you ever held a sniper rifle and tried to do a quick scope in real life?


7. MODDED CONTROLLERS. Rapid fire on a mk14, sniper rifles,single shot pistols, drop shots, jump shots, fast weapon swaps, faster reloading. Seems like half the people playing the damn game are doing 1 of the above. Fix the fire speed delay for all the above weapons. Seriously how many players out there have a class of an mk14 and a single shot pistol that are not cheating. It is definately in the minority.


I am sure i have missed some stuff out here but feel free to add your own rants to my own.