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CsCgaming Recruiting (PS3 Clan. EU & US) Semi Competitive/Competitive players only!

Well after a busy 2011 I am pleased to announce the Launch of CsCgaming Teams for US/Canadian members!


CsCgaming is currently recruiting Semi Competitive, Competitive gamers & those who would like to try out the competitive side of online gaming.

Founded in June 2011 by one of europe's top ranking GB team's we have quickly expanded from a 6 man squad to 130+ members across 7 team's.


What we are looking for

Like minded gamers who wish to be a part of a team to play on a competitive/ semi competitive basis.

All members must have a mic.

We are a mature clan but will accept members 16 years old +



Before you join things you need to know.

-We are a structured clan. Meaning we are one clan broken into team's.

-There is mandatory training Wed & Sunday failure without just cause will result in your dismissal from the clan.

-Each new members will spend approx 3 weeks with their Introductory team learning CsC's callouts and basic tactics. Upon their completion of 6 training sessions members will graduate to a permanent team and you become an affiliated member.

-We are a tight knit competitive clan dont join demanding to be put into our top team's

-If you are a QS dont bother joining.


What CsC will do for you

If you can give CsC the 3 weeks it takes to get you settled into a permanent team. We guarantee your KD & WR will rise. Along with having fun and meeting new like minded gamers. You will become a better player.


We have a pedagree of high end Competitive gamers who have reached top 20 ranking in game battles on numberous ladders. By their coaching passed down you will learn loadouts, tactic's and comm's which will make you a better player and make the game more enjoyable.


Thank you for your time and I hope to see you online soon!


Website; www.cscgaming.net

Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003350140134&sk=wall

Twitter; https://twitter.com/#!/CsCgamingnet