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Awesome free for all tips!

Hello, I have a few tips for how I attain success in Free For All. The video located below picks up on these points and expands on them considerably, plus details the high traffic areas of Arkaden.

1) Don't rush wildly. Patrol a high-traffic area of the map. My favourite areas are shown in the videos.


2) Try using UAV and CUAV exclusively with Hardline on the Support package. This way, assuming you win, you will get 6 UAVS and 5 CUAVs every game. I explain in my video why it is such an awesome advantage to have control of the air like that.

3) Use unsilenced weaponry. This helps to draw enemies to your location, increasing the frequency of hostile encounters and thus, helping you win the game with greater speed. It is of course very much possible to do well using silenced guns, but I prefer to go loud and proud so as to encourage people to blind-rush me, helping me get kills quickly and snatch the victory from the person in 2nd.

4) Learn the spawn spots. This will allow you to anticipate where enemies may approach.

5) Know your weapon's limitations. Try to keep yourself in situations wherein your weapon will provide you with an advantage over your enemies.

6) Play cautiously. This is not to say that you should camp; rather, it is recommended that you should move around on full alert, checking corners and generally being ready for combat. Use stuns/flashes to survey possible enemy areas and try not to sprint too much; it is easy to be killed when sprinting if you haven't got steady aim pro.




Please share your own tips for success in this game mode! Include class load-outs if possible please as I am always looking to try new things.