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  • 10. Re: Audio FEEDBACK!!!

    Yes, Not only to your ears, but to your speakers and other equipment. Not a fun sound, Huh?

  • 11. Re: Audio FEEDBACK!!!

    i havn't had it through my headset yet but ive had it on my tv

  • 12. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    I've had it on my headset AND tv as well. Can't find any sign of something know game causing it. Doesn't seem to be killstreak or gameplay related...

  • 13. Re: Audio FEEDBACK!!!

    My ears are still bleeding from the first Audio EMP ecounter!

  • 14. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    The 'Audio EMP' is digital feedback. Similar to when you hold a mic near a speaker. But has nothing to with Mics in the game. It's internal feedback from god knows what...

  • 15. Re: Audio EMP!!!


    I was wondering if anyone realizes that this "Audio EMP" has only taken place since the last update. I'm starting to wonder if they at Sledgehammer know what their doing. MW2 never had all theses problems before the hacking and clitching started.

  • 16. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    I first had this Audio EMP issue the day after release so its not just because of the recent updates.

  • 17. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    The 1.08 patch just happened yesterday. What did it really fix? The Lag is still there and even worse the "Audio EMP" which once again sound like it was about to blow my Surround sound up. I'm not sure who is in charge of these update when they comeout to fix certain problems, but who ever is in charge of this. Needs to make the patches alittle more worth while. This 1.08 patch seems to have done nothing to me. What a waste!!!

  • 18. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    I have experienced the audio EMP since day 1 of this game release. It happens whenever it  wants, no rhyme or reason. It has blown one of my surround speakers, for sure.

    Makes my dogs howl.

    Makes my wife yell.

    Makes my sphincter tighten because of the damage I know it is doing to my sound system.

    Oh yeah, and it also ruins my match because I have to reset my system about 50% of the time to get sound to come back on...............sigh

  • 19. Re: Audio EMP!!!

    The first time it happened I wasn't wearing a headset nor did I have one at the time. Also after I rebooted the PS3 I asked the people I was playing with if they heard it too and they said no. So as someone mentioned earlier it's not a killstreak because it doesn't effect everyone on your team, and no it's not headset related. It just a random glitch in the game that has no warning signs and no proof of exsitance other than those who complain about it. So it will likely go unnoticed

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