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    I'm glad to see people responding to this problem. Cause at first some didn't seem to know what I was talking about. Even thought it was just a mic. feedback problem. Which as I read this now, Don't seem like some think that way anymore. I'm hoping now that Someone at Activision, Infinity Ward, and/or Sledgehammer games are paying attention. Who ever is in charge of working on these patches need to get on it with this one. OR is this going to be MW2 all over again. Where it just gets to a certain point where the problems are stacking up fast and giving up is the easiest thing. Ecspecially since I've just heard of Activision annoucement of a Next-gen Call of Duty as heard here: http://youtu.be/7o2d-CODOmk. No suprised, but who going to keep buying C.O.D if they are not supporting their own product. I still consider myself new to C.O.D as I have only been playing since 2009 alittle before MW2 cameout and FPS for that matter, but it seems already this ride will come to a quick halt. As it seems this will continue in the future with other C.O.D titles. My advice for you still running into this problem. The easiest way to stop it as of this point is hit the EJECT button. It sucks, but it's better than blowing a speaker or another headset.

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    Hasn't happened for almost a week, and then last night, sure enough, LOUD and painful noises...  IW, are you reading this? I hope so...

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    Happened to me this morning. Thank god I had my tv turned down or it surely would have damaged my speakers. It was freaking loud, I couldnt imagine what it is like for someone with headphones at normal volume. Fix your game a-holes!

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    I had this happen right at the end of a match 2 nights ago (2/14). After the final killcam and the final score showed, I started to hear the EMP come on. The game dumped back to the lobby before it got really bad, but I had zero sound in the lobby. Once the next match started, sound was back.

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    I think it has to do something with the EMP when you purchase it it makes the same sound. And yes not everytime a EMP is called it doesnt make a noise all the time only sometimes for me. Its really annoying it almost blew my eardrums when I had my headset on. It also happened without the headset.

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    Happened again yesterday IW, gonna fix it? 

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       Wondering if anyone of importance are reading in on these forums? Since it seems that This "AUDIO EMP" problem still continues. It happened again this morning at 2 a.m., Couldn't take it. Had to do my move and hit the Eject button and cut the system off. The sound was even louder then it seemed to be before. Maybe it was just me since it was early in the morning and everybody else is trying to sleep. Nothing like being left with your ears ringing!!

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    I had the "privilage" of receiving 2 Audio EMP's this week, never got them before this!

    My mic was not turned on, the sound went super load followed by a noise that could only be repeated by some techno/garage style DJ, followed by silence. When the sound started up after about 40-60 seconds. It was like it was coming from a dodgy second hand speaker. After the game, I joined a different lobby and every thing was fine.

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    This is what you mean,, I put it in a video, you can skip to 4.38 (i think it is).



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    Could be the mw3 sound glitch makes loud noise

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