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Audio EMP!!!



   This is like the 4th time now. And I had it! I've heard the audio lag or feedback whatever it's refered to when parts of the audio repeats itself, But the audio feedback I'm not going to put up with is It makes this noise during gameplay that will give you a headache. And now I wonder if it's a hack or glitch cause after that happened, The map that I was playing on is not in my vault now. Does anybody know how to put their videos from MW3 to their facebook page directly? It does work like that, Doesn't it?

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    Um...no one is responding to this because... oh, nevermind. Audio feedback is from people using bluetooths with their TV volume too high. So you hear their game and your's in your audio. The only solution to that (and this is something that no developer in the world can fix as it is basic physics) is to mute all the other players. As far as posting to FB, you're on your own.

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      Yeah, That's not the audio feedback I'm refering to. Maybe I'm wording it wrong, but this feedback is not from wearing a headset or having the volume to high. This is something in game. Cause I have the new Sony Headset, but don't use it unless I'm playing with someone I know. Also I play with volume reasonable. Even though I have my surround Sound on when I play. And muting people, I always mute people when I play, Cause generally people don't use their mics for what their for. This feedback is from the game. I can see I'm going to have to get some video of this for proof. This sound is SO loud and annoying it sounds like it's going to blow my speakers. My kids heard it and they were upstairs and downstairs. And came running and screaming (Cause the noise is that loud) What's that noise?  Some of you may not hear it where, Not everyone plays with surround sound on. I know something is not right with this game. A guy at my job mentioned this feedback as well.

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    Okay, I think you're on to something. I heard a VERY loud noise through my headphones and had to turn the volume all the way down to continue playing. It lasted about 3 minutes and then went away. It has happened about 3 times. I thought it was my headphones acting up. Is this what you are talking about?

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    same happens with my turtle beaches u not the only 1

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    yea i have had this happen to me in my turtle beaches aswell, a few times at that. but i recently bought the playstation head set and not saying they dont do it or wont ever but it hasnt happend since having them

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    I've noticed it a few times. Every time I beleive it was the sound from a chopper like freezing and looping repeatedly for about 10 seconds. Gets pretty loud.

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    Mine has also done this, under many different situations. It's happened to me at least 50 times. I've tried everything possible to get it to go away but it has to on it's own. It's an extremely loud buzzing sound.


    Also my game, as well as a few others I know, has been getting disc read errors. I've done everything including reset my PS3 back to manufacturer settings, which took 7 hours, to where I even had to set the language on it and it still does every once in a while. Also sometimes before I even get to the very main menu. anyone know what causes that also?

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    Yes, You must have heard it now. Maybe now people playing can understand the trouble it causes. This is something within the game. With the buzzing noise or the name I've giving it "Audio EMP". This noise has nothing to do with using headsets as well. Just like the repeated sounds of the voice over, Which at times you will hear repeat certain phrases from the game. Like one of the recent for me is, Domination, Dom, Dom, Domination, Domination, Domination. I think you get my point. Or the sound effect of capturing  a flag in domination. I'm sure some of you guys have experienced one of these effects by now. So I need you help in hoping to draw enough attention to this to get it fixed. Otherwise I won't being playing this too much longer. Even saving my money when the new map packs do comeout. That's how annoying this is to me as I play at night into early morning.

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    Yep, I had that first time like hour ago. It is an extremely loud buzzing sound. Luckily I didn't wear my headphones. It could do pretty good damage to your ears...

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