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Flawless achievement?

I went 7-0 in a match (I'm not very good so that is outstanding for me) and I did not get the flawless achievment under the precision challenges.  In the description it says you must survive a match without dying.  What went wrong?



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    my guess is you were only there for part of the match opposed to the whole thing.

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    There are two ways you can go about this. One, be a beast and don't die (Which will never happen for me Lol) or two, put on assassin pro, blind eye, dead silence, grab a sniper rifle (so you have a guille suit), some silenced secondaries, get 1 kill with 0 deaths and go hide in a corner of the map in a hardcore lobby (no radar). I did this on MW1. I have tried it on MW3 but only wound up dying in the end. Cheap tactic I know, but unless your a beast player (which I am not) it's the only way I know of how to even attempt it. Just make sure that when you try it you have the challenge unlocked, that way it's not a waste of time. Lol.

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    i went 23-0 in a game and didnt get it either but i joined a game right at the end went 2-0 and completed the challenge